Monday, June 21, 2010

They'll Say Anything

Governor (and former Republican party chairman) Haley Barbour, on Meet the Press yesterday:

"But, you know, one of the things that they've got to come to grips with that's very's good for BP. BP-- that was to their advantage to get taken out of the claims business. The $20 billion, once it was done, where BP could continue to operate as a, as a going concern and pay their bills that they owe Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida and Alabama, that also was a good deal for BP."

So, apparently having failed to convince people that Obama's having gotten $20 billion out of BP was some sort of outrageous extortion, the Republican party is now going to claim that Obama actually gave them some sort of sweetheart corporate deal by agreeing to take their money.

The fact that they were all saying the exact opposite the day before means absolutely nothing to them. Really, there was never a bigger bunch of organized liars on the face of the earth.


tnlib said...

It's kind of like putting one foot down and stepping on it with another.

Green Eagle said...

except that when you do that, you fall over. When Republicans do it, everyone else falls over.