Friday, June 18, 2010

Left Wingers Carp about Obama

Here's a link to a very appropriate piece at Talking Points Memo, about the bizarre negativity from the left that followed Obama's speech a couple of days ago.

I want to amplify this sentiment. I have been involved on the left for a long time, and one sad thing that I have always observed is how many people on the left seem to be motivated primarily by a need to feel intellectually and morally superior to other people, and how many of them react in really childish ways when they don't get exactly what they wanted. A good example of this was the reaction of many gay leaders when Clinton failed to get them a better deal concerning gays in the military. I saw them turn on Clinton, and attack him for the whole rest of his term, even though they must have know that Clinton was totally on their side and that it was totally the responsibility of Republicans in Congress that more progress couldn't be made.

Maybe I'm too cynical, but I think Obama is doing whatever can be done on this issue. He didn't create the problem (Republican deregulation did that,) and his hands are largely tied in taking the kind of radical action most of us would like to see.

I personally would like to have Obama force BP CEO Hayward into a 3-point shootout, with the loser to be beaten to death with oil-soaked pelicans. I'm not going to turn on Obama for not taking my (eminently practical) solution, because I know that if he did, Orly Taitz and Sarah Palin would just use the fact that he can shoot the 3 as further evidence that he is not a real American (if you get my drift.)

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Poll P. said...

I'm wishing Barack O., Kobe B. and you a very happy Father's Day. Setting some good example, you guys.