Monday, June 14, 2010

They Don't Get It At Newsweek

Al Hunt, in Newsweek:

"If the Angles and Pauls prove too controversial, and most of the November Republican winners are more mainstream conservatives, it will have two immediate effects: Pressure the congressional party to think more in Graham’s terms and selectively work with Democrats, and provide a more compelling case for a more moderately conservative presidential nominee"

What in the name of God gave you that idea? What planet are you living on anyway? If the Teabaggers do poorly in November, it will just cause them to scream more loudly for impeachment or armed rebellion- they have eaten up their bogus propaganda about how mighty a movement they are, and a poor showing will only convince them that the election was fixed by the alien negro and his Communist infiltrators.

Take my word on this one, guy- you obviously have not even come close to figuring out how detached from reality these people are.

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