Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Arizona Disease Spreads

From a post at Daily Kos:

"Florida Republican leaders have begun crafting anti-illegal-immigrant legislation modeled after an Arizona law that has incited widespread protests and fueled national and international debate over U.S. immigration policies.

Under the proposed bill, police would have broad power under state law to ask suspects for proof of legal residency, said Rep. William Snyder, a Republican from Stuart who plans to introduce the legislation in November. "We have significant components from the Arizona bill that I plan to incorporate,'' he said. "We have the beginnings of it.''

The beginnings of it. Well, here is what I wonder. Being brown is enough to make you a "suspect" in Arizona- I guess that's what the guy is referring to when he says "We have the beginnings of it." Will the great Southern state of Florida manage to take this sort of legislation to its logical conclusion, and see to it that being black is enough to make you a "suspect" too? After all, any random black person you run into in Florida could really be from Sierra Leone or Rwanda.

Let's see if these Republican patriots have the guts to pass the law that you know they really want to.


Derek said...

"Well, here is what I wonder. Being brown is enough to make you a "suspect" in Arizona"

That isn't what the law states whatsoever. Racial profiling is still illegal under the law. Also, Arizona's law is the same as the federal law.

The whole racial profiling statement is just another left-wing lie.

Green Eagle said...

I've said it before, but I guess I need to say it again: grow up, Derek and join the real world.

dmarks said...

Derek: The vast majority of illegal aliens are hard working people who do productive work, build society, and better their lives. Aren't conservatives supposed to favor this?

Derek said...

"Aren't conservatives supposed to favor this?"

Yes, we favor hard workers who help society, but we also favor a secure border and adherence to law. Allow more immigrants to come in legally, but secure the border at the same time. We simply cannot open our borders to whomever.

And GE, if growing up means not pointing out your lies, then color me childish.

Green Eagle said...

Grow up, Derek