Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Dumbest Article I've Read in a Long Time

And here are some excerpts, from some jackass who is so irrelevant and idiotic that I won't even bother you with his name, let alone a link to this article:

"I don’t understand the commotion over oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico when a drilling operation went sour."

No, apparently not. You probably can't figure out why people were upset about that tsunami a few years ago, or World War I, for that matter. I mean, it didn't hurt you, right, so who cares?

"Oil has always oozed out of the ground to foul land, lakes, and oceans."

Yeah, but not ten thousand gallons an hour from one hole, you blithering idiot. That doesn't really count as "oozing," you know.

"The Dead Sea was called Lake Asphaltites because of the gooey pebbles that floated onto the surface from underwater seeps. This asphalt was used on Egyptian mummies."

Why do you think they called it the Dead Sea, you pathetic ignoramus? And really, the fact that they put the globs on dead people doesn't really provide me with that much comfort.

"Oil found floating on lakes or in puddles was used by Indians to caulk canoes...In California's ├╝ber-environmentalist Santa Barbara County, an estimated 11 to 160 barrels of oil seep into the ocean daily"

Yeah, they used it to caulk their canoes, but they didn't use it to give rubdowns to their pelicans. And, you know, 11 gallons a day isn't quite the same as 100,000 gallons a day- maybe that never occurred to you. Maybe you'd like to investigate this phenomenon by going home tonight and drinking 10 or 12,000 bottles of beer.

"The British Petroleum accident allows environmentalists to make arguments against offshore drilling."

Well, at last you said something that was true. Kind of sad that you see that as a bad thing.

God in heaven above, people these days have to descend to previously unknown depths of stupidity to talk away the results of Republican rule.


M. Bouffant said...

It's like the carbon dioxide argument they made: Plants can't live w/o it, so it's good, no matter what!

magpie said...

Even if you are insensitive to the environment, the affect on the fishing industry should register some level of disquiet... I would have thought.

Oh and hey, don't spare us the links, Great Green Bird. You know how I like to follow the morons back to their idiot-holes and smell the evil.

Green Eagle said...

As to the links- I have no general policy, and am constantly confronted with a problem of whether or not to give hits to some of these smaller and more disgusting websites. Sometimes, I just can't bear to provide these people with any access.

magpie said...

Fair enough.