Friday, June 11, 2010

Am I Wrong About Mexico? I Hope So...

How about this news:

"CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – At least 30 gunmen burst into a drug rehabilitation center in a Mexican border state capital and opened fire, killing 19 men and wounding four people, police said. Gunmen also killed 16 people in another drug-plagued northern city."

When I said a couple of weeks ago that Mexico was starting to remind me of Afghanistan, I think people believed I was way overboard.

Well, how about this horrible news, which is happening more and more often, just a couple of hundred miles from the United States? We read about a suicide bomber killing dozens at an Afghan wedding- how is this any different? I'm convinced that we are going to wake up one day soon and discover that decades of supporting dictatorial oligarchs right next door have bred a nightmare that we are going to live with for a long time.

This will be one more heavy burden on working Americans, caused by our government's long term capitulation to multinational corporations' interest in keeping labor cheap. I'm afraid that people are never going to learn (at least, not enough of them to make a difference) that our interests are absolutely contrary to government actions that aim to sate the greed of the rich.

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Poll P. said...

I haven't heard anybody making this connection before. Scary.