Monday, June 7, 2010

Another "Massive" Tea Party

In keeping with my self-imposed mission to keep a close watch on right wing demonstrations, I bring you news of this report from a blog called Right Wing News, about a grand demonstration in Phoenix:

Despite punishing 107° heat, an impressive crowd turned out across from the Arizona State Capitol Saturday for the Phoenix Rising demonstration in support of countermoonbattery, American sovereignty, the rule of law, and in particular, SB1070."

And here is a picture of the impressive crowd:

What would you say, 150 people? 200? Well, just one more demonstration of what suckers people are when they allow themselves to be conned into thinking that the teabag movement is anything more than a carefully crafted mirage.

Note: As is always my practice when reporting on these events, I have published the picture showing the largest number of people I could find, just to be fair.


Poll P. said...

I've seen bigger crowds at Corgi agility trials.

Green Eagle said...

Corgis have more to contribute to the world than teabaggers.