Thursday, June 10, 2010

She Wuz Robbed!

The big news from our BFF, Orly Taitz today, from her website:

"I need all the patriots of this country to help me fight this enormous voter fraud... Our economy and our constitutional rights were bought for $16 mln dollars coming from the Communist tyranny of Venezuela. If you are a voter and want to be part of a class action legal action, please e-mail me at"

Well, didn't we know it all along? The "communist tyranny" of Venezuela stole the California Republican primary election for Secretary of State from Orly, whose very name causes them to tremble in fear (or laughter.)

He, wait a minute...I thought you right wingers believed in the right of foreign corporations to own anything they wanted in our country. You're not going to tell me that the minute privatization and deregulation didn't work out for you, you're going to start screeching like an angry warthog? I'd have never believed that you would abandon your cherished principles so quickly.

Orly, tell us it ain't so!


Infidel753 said...

Why would the Commies blow $16 mil on robbing Oily Taitz of an election victory? Her winning an election would be the biggest embarrassment to American democracy that they could hope to see!

Green Eagle said...

Sense! You are asking for sense from Orly Taitz?

Boy, the day that happens, I am going to sit out in my back yard and wait for the second coming.