Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Republican Enthusiasm Produces Results!

From Politico:

"A new 527 group conceived by veteran GOP hands Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie and launched this year with predictions that it would raise $52 million to support Republican candidates has thus far failed to live up to the fundraising hype.

The group, American Crossroads, raised only $200 last month, according to a report it filed Monday with the Internal Revenue Service"

The brilliant political operative Rove shows his stuff! Yes, at this rate, they will have raised their money by the year 4177, when the Republicans will come surging back.

Democrats, tremble in your boots!


tnlib said...


magpie said...

Only $200? Sounds like someone pocketed what they really raised and are lying to the IRS.

Maybe they raised $1000 but spent the other $800 at a brothel.

Green Eagle said...


How dumb of me! I should have thought Republican style. They probably raised millions, but only $200 was left after they paid their own "salaries."