Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More About Honduras

I can't say I searched the right wing blogosphere with a microscope today, but in my daily walk on the wild side, I found not a single comment about the latest actions of the Honduran military dictatorship, which they admire so much for its upholding of the constitution of Honduras by ousting the elected president on trumped up charges of violating their constitution.

I did, however, find this:

Gateway Pundit: "Newt Gingrich Blasts Obama Administration For Backing Leftist Criminal in Honduras"

"For the first time in history the United States government is siding with Marxist leaders Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Raul Castro and Evo Morales against the pro-democratic Honduran government of Roberto Micheletti."

As has happened in the past, of course, Newt fails to mention some others who sided with us on this issue: for example, France, Spain, Italy, Britain, Germany, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Taiwan, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Paraguay, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, the U. N. General Assembly, by vote by acclamation without one single objection, the European Union. Casts a different light on things, huh?

Now, here is what this patriotic, constitution-loving military dictatorship did this week, just to remind you:

"Coup Declares State of Siege, Suspends Constitutional Rights

On Sept. 26 the coup regime took abuse of illegitimate power one giant step forward by issuing an Executive Decree to suspend guaranteed rights under Articles 69, 72, 78, 81 and 84 of the Honduran Constitution....the decree declares a virtual state of siege in the country through the suspension of civil liberties.

Freedom of movement for all Hondurans has now been prohibited formally....All unauthorized public meetings are also prohibited.

....the coup regime warns that violence has now been "legally" authorized. The decree....states that the National Police can use violent means of repression: "The Police can use the force of coactive instruments when the use of nonviolent procedures has been exhausted or failed..." and authorizes the Armed Forces to assist the police in executing the decree.

Under Article 3 of the Decree, CONATEL, the state communications agency "through the use of the National Police and Armed Forces, is authorized to suspend any radio, television or cable system that does not conform its programming to the present dispositions"

Uh huh. For your information, policy wonks, here are a few excerpts from the Honduran constitution. These have been autotranslated, so the syntax is a little strange, but I'm sure you will get the idea:

"ARTICLE 3 .- No one owes obedience to a usurper government or to those who assume public office or employment by force of arms....Acts verified by such authorities are zero....

ARTICLE 5 .- The government must rest on the principle of participatory democracy

ARTICLE 72 .- It's free expression of opinion by any media without prior censorship.

ARTICLE 74 .- You can not restrict the right to freedom of thought by indirect methods or means

Article 79 .- Everyone has the right to meet with others peacefully and unarmed, in a public demonstration or transitional assembly, in relation to their common interest of any nature, without warning or special permission.

Article 81 .- Everyone has the right to move freely, leave, enter and remain in the country.

Article 84 .- No one shall be arrested or detained except by written order of a competent authority issued with the legal formalities and for reasons previously established in the Act

Article 94 .- No person shall impose any penalty without having been heard and convicted in a trial, and without that has been imposed by decision rendered by a judge or competent authority.

Article 95 .- No person shall be punished with sentences not previously established by law.

Well, well, well. A little difference there, between these passages and the above decree, huh? I am anxiously waiting for the many conservatives who cheered Honduras' military coup, to now speak out on their impression of this latest decree as an example of that wonderful day of liberation for the people of Honduras. This subject has taken on particular interest today, with the recent publication, discussed below, of a right wing document calling for the same sort of liberation in our own country.

Can they turn our country into a military dictatorship? I don't think so. Do they want to? You betcha.

Update: Here's a "conservative" writing today, via Stogie at Saberpoint. This person believes in boycotting websites he disagrees with, so I won't mention his name:

"Our Founding Fathers gave us both tools and encouragement to over throw ANY government that grows tyrannical.... So while talk of a military coup is shocking and scary, the military’s allegiance to the Constitution is just another check and balance in our form of government designed to keep a free people free."

Yup. A military coup- just another check and balance. You can see where that argument is going.


Derek said...

Not only do you have no respect for the U.S. Constitution, you don't care about the Honduran constitution.

Wait what? I thought you didn't care about the Honduran Constitution? But true, the temp-pres of Honduras shouldn't be such a moron.

Lol I love how you say that I will cheer the decree. No, I don't cheer it. Granted, things are bad and suspending civil liberties makes it easier on the legal leaders of Honduras, but that doesn't mean they should do it. They need to gain legitimacy with people like you, along with the UN, so the smart move would be to follow the Constitution to the tee.

That blogger isn't too far off, but his word choice is terrible. I say it is the right, no, the DUTY, of the people to overthrow the tyrannical government. If the military wants to help, so be it.

Green Eagle said...

"I say it is the right, no, the DUTY, of the people to overthrow the tyrannical government."

I agree, Derek. It's just not the right nor the duty of the military to do it. And, as we can see with their decrees the last few days, they are just one more dictatorial military junta, like the long line that preceded them. Holding an illegal nonbinding referendum seems (at least to me) like pretty small stuff compared to destroying freedom of speech, the press and movement, and authorizing the police to use violence against the people. And these people are just getting started.

Derek said...

"It's just not the right nor the duty of the military to do it."

If ordered by the legislature and courts then yes. It wasn't even the government, rather just one power-hungry leader.

"they are just one more dictatorial military junta,"

Wow, talk about judging a book by its cover. Give it a couple months, at least.

"like pretty small stuff compared to destroying freedom of speech, the press and movement, and authorizing the police to use violence against the people."

Suspending, not destroying. Let the dust settle, then back to business. Nonetheless, it was a bad move on their part.

Green Eagle said...

"Suspending, not destroying."

Come on, Derek. They are a military dictatorship just like every other one that ever was, and they are proving it by acting the same way as the rest of them. These basic rights will be suspended as long as they can get away with it, and you know that perfectly well.

Derek said...

"These basic rights will be suspended as long as they can get away with it, and you know that perfectly well."

We shall see.