Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wingnut Wrapup

They're feeling their oats today:

Phyllis Schlafly, Town Hall: "Singing Heil Obama in New Jersey"

It gets more pathetic every day, huh? Heil Obama. I wonder if those are the words they really used.

Erick Erickson, Red State: "Obama Administration Condones Sex With Minors."

His Evidence: "People with low IQ got to see Whoopee Goldberg defend Roman Polanski on the View yesterday. Goldberg had no problem with the man filling a thirteen year old girl with alcohol and drugs before raping her."

Whoopee Goldberg is now, apparently, the entire Obama administration. Well, you know, they all look alike. You know what I mean.

Streiff, Red State: "Common Sense Outlawed in Indiana"

Streiff, where have you been, man? Common sense was outlawed in Indiana decades ago.

Little Pammy Geller, Atlas Shrugs: "Afghanistan: Fatal Misunderstanders of Islam, "When you treat the Afghans with kid gloves, they will bite off your hand"

Ouch, Pammy, that would hurt. Probably not as much as having some foreign soldiers come and shoot up your village, but still, who wants to have their hand bitten off.

Power Line: "It is quite remarkable that the Democratic Party now--belatedly, to say the least--wants to make an issue out of civility. The Left published a cartoon depicting former black Secretary of State Condolezza Rice as an Aunt Jemima..."

The Left, huh? The Left published something. By that reasoning, The Right published Mein Kampf.

Power Line: "Cheney for President"

That would be Liz, not her dad. Oh my God in heaven above: Could they possibly have sunk so low? Sarah Palin with bleach blond hair and an eating disorder. And a psychotic, criminal dad. Just what we need.

Pajamas Media: "The 2007 NIE Was a Deliberate LIE"

Yeah, it came from the Bush Administration, guys. What did you expect it to be?

Newsmax: "Leading national security expert Frank Gaffney tells Newsmax we could be in the "last days" before Iran obtains nuclear weapons — and he warns that, if it does, it absolutely will use them."

Leading national security expert Green Eagle warns that we could be in the "last days" before Santa goes rogue and starts dropping anthrax on us from his sleigh. Just as much evidence to support Green Eagle's theory as Frank Gaffney's, but Frank Gaffney gets to put his opinion in Newsweek. He's earned that position in the traditional way: by being wrong about every damned thing on earth for thirty years.

David Limbaugh, Newsmax: "Obama Looks to Save World at US Expense"

God forbid! God forbid that we should have to pay to save the world. Better to just let it go to hell, huh?

Washington Times: "Democrats try to pack the courts"

How dare they! Only Republicans should be allowed to appoint judges. It's the American way.

Sher Zieve, Renew America: "Obama's enemies of liberty, freedom, and humans on a roll"

Frankly, Sher, I don't know about you, but I'm an enemy of humans on a roll too. It sounds like it would taste terrible.

London Telegraph: "Andy Williams accuses Obama of following Marxist theory"

Boy, that will sting. Andy Williams. What, was Chuck Norris nodding off today?

World Net Daily Exclusive: "Empire State Building celebrates communism"

Forget the communism. I'm already disturbed by the idea of buildings celebrating anything. Really, I'd prefer it if they would just sit there and be still.

And, finally, in case you didn't have enough to worry about today, from Pamela Schuffert: "Every year in America alone, in to the upper hundreds of THOUSANDS of victims are sacrificed on the satanic altars in this nation, and the news media BLACKS IT OUT."

The bastards.


Doctor Biobrain said...

For the record, you're mistaken about the Obama "sex with minors" thing. Erickson was quoting from a Washington Times editorial which said that Fox News claims to have an audiotape of Obama's "safe school czar" bragging to a gay and lesbian group in 2000 that he told a fifteen year old student that it was ok to keep having sex with an older guy. And yes, I feel like I'm on the receiving end of the worst game of telephone ever. But that was Erickson's claim.

I have no idea why he included the Goldberg-Polanski stuff in there, as it had nothing to do with his post. Well, except that all black people know each other, which means that Obama condoned Goldberg's remark or she wouldn't have made it.

For me, the oddest part is how they bring it all back to Obama, that he must be "proud" of the man-boy love thing, because he gave this guy the job. Erickson insists that either Obama considers homo-rape to be better than hetro-rape, or he condones ALL rape. And it's taken as assumed that part of vetting every "czar" is to read everything they've ever written, including their boring books.

Green Eagle said...


First of all, may I say how pleased I am to have you leave a comment here. You have been on my daily blog reading list for a long time, and I really appreciate what you have to say.

Now, I guess you caught me. I only read far enough into this unutterable piece of trash to get to the Whooppie Goldberg part. I want to apologize in public for not granting Mr. Erickson the right he has earned over the years to have his arguments treated with the utmost respect and thoroughness. I will try to see that it doesn't happen again.

Paul said...

Wow, this from the mouth of a white, senile, bigoted, washed up singer (Andy Williams). Due to their lack of leadership, ideas and vision of where our country needs to go the Republican Party is show casing the only thing they have to offer, the scraping of the bottom of their intellectual barrel.

Green Eagle said...

And to think they throw a fit every time Angelina Jolie or Dustin Hoffman says something liberal.

Who do they have?

Ted Nugent- Heavy metal casualty
Chuck Norris- Brain probably in the same condition as those pro football players we are hearing about
Pat Boone- Six hundred years old and dumb as a post
Fred Thompson- couldn't even deliver his three lines a week on Law & Order without sounding like a talking 2x4

And now Andy Williams.

What next, are they going to discover that Zasu Pitts is still alive, and really worried about immigration?