Monday, September 21, 2009

Pam Geller - Warmonger

Pammy's at it again. Nothing so straightforward that she can't twist it into a smear:

"Stupid or Evil: Barack Hussein Obama ready to slash US nuclear arsenal"

I guess Pam doesn't remember the other president that slashed our nuclear arsenal. That would be Saint Ronald Reagan.

But, of course, what was heroism when a Republican did it, is now treason when a Democrat does the same thing.

Predictable, Pammy justifies her stand with a pack of maundering nonsense about the great threat posed by Iran. Pammy, the United States currently has 9,960 nuclear warheads. Don't you think we could get rid of a couple of thousand of them and still be able to reduce Iran to rubble if we wanted to?


Poll P. said...

I'd been missing little Pammy. Glad she's not dropping the ball.

Green Eagle said...

Pammy? Never. We can count on her.