Monday, September 21, 2009

What, George W. Bush Wasn't Really All That Religious?

From Huffington Post:

"Bush In 2008: "I'm Not Going To Tell Some Gay Kid In The Audience That He Can't Get Married"

Just in case there is anyone out there who bought into the unutterable garbage about "whatever else you say about Bush, he was a principled religious man who stood up for what he believed."

This guy was a liar without a shred of morality, and anyone who really thought that he was a truly religious person should be ashamed of their stupidity. Bush cared about nothing except serving himself and the people who paid to put him in the White House, and nothing else on earth meant a God damned to him. The "Christians" who worshiped him were nothing but suckers; let's not join them.

It is this kind of thinking, which goes beyond naivete to willing self delusion, that fuels meaningless, useless talk about bipartisanship with a party which has spent decades sacrificing anyone and everyone to serve its corporate masters.

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