Monday, September 7, 2009

Okay For Me, Not For Thee

I found this lovely sentiment on Renew America today:

"Be prepared for even the potential of a massive false-flag attack of terrorism in America, carried out by the treason of this regime, but blamed upon "right wing extremists" and "the militia movement" in America, as an attempt by these Marxists, to swing our military and law enforcement community, and our populace to their evil side."

Those of you who follow the news may be aware that an Obama appointee was just forced out of office. His alleged crime? Having, some years ago, signed a petition suggesting that the Bush administration may have been involved in the events of 9-11. Of course, his resignation was preceded by the now obligatory right wing tantrum, reaching from the lunatic fringes to established Republican leaders.

Of course, it is perfectly okay for these people to turn around the very next day, and commit the exact same crime that they found so abominable, without a second's thought that this might be a little hypocritical.

You cannot discuss or negotiate with people who have voluntarily given up every shred of respect for the truth, and are willing, like two year old children, to try anything to get their way.

As far back as the Reagan administration, eight years based on endless lies, I said that the Democrats were eventually going to pay a heavy price for not standing up to these people by telling the simple truth. That's all I asked- not riots at town halls, not people wandering around in public with assault rifles, not whole TV networks devoted to propaganda, just tell the truth. The Democratic party allowed itself to be intimidated into silence; now, a miserable failed war, a near depression and a wrecked justice system later, the bill has come due. Republicans now feel free to utter the most preposterous, ugly, evil, blatant lies knowing full well that they can shout down the weak-willed Democrats who make any attempt to speak the truth.

We thought Obama would be different, but I'm incredibly depressed to say that I don't see it now. He had better have some great card up his sleeve on health care reform, or we have lost for another generation any hope of moving this country out of its sick right wing morass, into the kind of decent society that most other industrialized countries have had for half a century.


quietmagpie said...

Great green bird,
It's too early to despair. You're less than a year into this presidency.
The forces of avarice and ideological stagnancy in America are awesome. Should we not expect this to be "a long fight"?
Heck, your previous administration promised wars that were endless, and expected endless patience.

Green Eagle said...

You're right. I can't argue with that. We're trying to break a stranglehold on our country, and we can't expect the criminals to let go easily.

Still, the lying, the smears, the greed, the racism, the hatred, all get pretty tiring.