Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Obama Success Vanishes Into the Ozone

I've mentioned Obama's great decision to pull the plug on the thirty year long Republican defense boondoggle known as the Strategic Defense Initiative, A.K.A. Star Wars. This multibillion dollar farce got that name, I am sure, because Yoda is as likely to show up at the State of the Union address as this fantasy program ever was to actually work. I pointed out that this decision, like all rational decisions of Obama became the target of an avalanche of right wing abuse, with the predictable "weak on defense" theme.

No surprise there, but there's more.

Obama agreed not to deploy this idiotic system in eastern Europe; in return, Russia agreed to take missiles that had been targeted on eastern Europe and target them on Iran, joining with us in trying to make the Iranian government see things our way. Thus, without fanfare or the slightest show of macho belligerence (an essential component of Republican foreign policy, no matter how many times it fails to work) Obama accomplished the double goal of ratcheting up pressure on Iran, and engaging in joint action with a potential enemy. And all he had to give up was a very expensive fantasy.

Too bad the press didn't notice.

So, the press will go on giving the Republicans a platform to push their eternal line that Democrats can't handle our defense, and the Republicans can go on lying, in defiance of the clear truth that, at last, the adults are running the country.

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