Monday, September 21, 2009

Change We Can Believe In, continuing

I think I've been focusing on Republican tantrums so much lately that I've neglected to mention the good news that continues, step by step, to come from the Obama administration. Here's today's example:

"The fight for Net Neutrality took a big step forward on Monday with the chair of the Federal Communications Commission announcing plans to expand the rules to protect a free and open Internet."

If you've followed this issue at all, you know there are people (i.e. Republicans) who would have loved to see federal rules giving huge corporations the ability to control internet content. Do you think you would ever read the above sentence if we were living with President McCain? Particularly as the internet played such a big part in Democratic victories the last couple of years.

We're not getting everything we want, but let's not forget to be thankful for the good things we are getting.


Derek said...

I have never heard of a Republican wanting net neutrality (horribly misleading name) nor have I heard of any wanting corporations to control the content of the web.

Net neutrality, as well as the fairness doctrine, is just another totalitarian/socialist idea used to control the values of the vox populi. Wake up and smell the liberty.

Green Eagle said...


The Republicans don't want net neutrality- they want telecommunications corporations to be able to control internet content.

The rest of us like things the way they are, and we are counting on Democrats to keep the internet from becoming what the health care system in our country is: where profits rule over human needs.

Derek said...

"they want telecommunications corporations to be able to control internet content."

I don't want that. I have never heard of anyone wanting that.

"The rest of us like things the way they are"

Except some Dems who want net neutrality. Isn't your buddy meatbrain a net neutrality fan?