Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Willing Press Stupidity- Again

The stupidity of our national press knows no bounds. Dan Baltz, in the Washington Post today:

"The cause of bipartisanship moved into reverse during August, though not because of anything Obama did or didn't do. In this case, two Republicans who the administration had hoped could be leaders in helping to work out a bipartisan bill unexpectedly turned harshly partisan in their rhetoric."

Unexpectedly? Unexpected by whom? Small children and people in Swaziland? Who could be so stupid and ignorant as to think that these Republican hacks were ever going to do anything but try to sabotage every Democratic plan? Who doesn't know that, to Republicans, destroying the Democratic party is a thousand times more important than doing the right thing for our country?

And no, I won't bother to link to this article. What could possibly be the value of reading any more of it?


Jean Valjean said...

I've said for years that the Republicans were recruiting, funding and electing candidates who were so morally compromised, that could easily be 'blackmailed' into going along with whatever the Family wanted done.

Green Eagle said...

And you have been right for years. Too bad there's no shortage of self-serving liars around today.