Friday, September 11, 2009

A Sad Story

I happened to be listening to the typically disgusting right wing talk show host Michael Medved the other day, and was reminded of how he always signs off with the phrase "from the greatest country on God's green earth."

A few minutes ago, I was walking down Kuhio street in Waikiki, back to where I am staying, when I passed a man sitting on the sidewalk. His shirt was open, and he had a tube coming out of his stomach. He had a sign in front of him saying "homeless and with terminal cancer."

How in God's name does this happen in "the greatest country on God's green earth?" The sick, perverted animals who have decided that insurance companies' profits are more important than whether this poor soul dies on the street, and the greed maddened "Christians" that are willing to fall for their lies, are perpetrating an evil on this wealthy country that is nearly beyond comprehension.

May they all rot in the hell that they imagine for their enemies, for the crime they commit in creating this hell on earth.

And may we have the courage to say to them, regardless of the violence and hatred they perpetrate on us, that this evil, at least, is in our power to end, and end it we will.

Barack, and everyone else, see this man's suffering, and tell us that it is okay to let it continue.


quietmagpie said...

regarding " greed maddened "Christians" "...

It is an expediency of moral shallowness that religion often provides for in its mantras of sin and guilt:
A spoken or unspoken assertion that those who suffer... do so because they deserve it.

That way too, people who have good fortune can reassure themselves of their own goodness - not by anything that they do, but by what they have. Like adults who have never quite let the child in themselves face up to what responsibility really means.

Green Eagle said...

This doctrine has run through the right wing of Christianity for centuries. It appears to be a particularly appealing rationalization for American evangelicals to ignore the direct words of Christ, which is why I put the word "Christian" in quotes.

Down there in Australia, you got England's criminals. We got their fanatics. I think you got the better end of the deal.