Monday, September 28, 2009

A Little Honduras Update

We all remember, I am sure, the tremendous victory for democracy that occurred in Honduras recently, when the legally elected president was replaced by a military coup, thus ensuring the right to liberty for all Hondurans- or at least that's the interpretation I documented from literally dozens of conservative sources.

Well, right wingers, there's more good news for you:

"Coup Declares State of Siege, Suspends Constitutional Rights

On Sept. 26 the coup regime took abuse of illegitimate power one giant step forward by issuing an Executive Decree to suspend guaranteed rights under Articles 69, 72, 78, 81 and 84 of the Honduran Constitution....the decree declares a virtual state of siege in the country through the suspension of civil liberties.

Freedom of movement for all Hondurans has now been prohibited formally....All unauthorized public meetings are also prohibited.

....the coup regime warns that violence has now been "legally" authorized. The decree, sent out in its published form by First Lady Xiomara Zelaya, states that the National Police can use violent means of repression: "The Police can use the force of coactive instruments when the use of nonviolent procedures has been exhausted or failed..." and authorizes the Armed Forces to assist the police in executing the decree.

Under Article 3 of the Decree, CONATEL, the state communications agency "through the use of the National Police and Armed Forces, is authorized to suspend any radio, television or cable system that does not conform its programming to the present dispositions"

I am sure that all of you on the right who fearlessly stood up for the democratic right of Hondurans to live in a military dictatorship, are deeply gratified to see things in that country developing exactly as we could have expected. I am sure it won't be long now, before the people of Honduras win the freedom to be thrown in jail without charges, and the God-given right to disappear without a trace in the middle of the night.

Update: They're still at it. From Power Line today:

"Many observers, however, have pointed out that the deposition of Zelaya was entirely legal under the Honduran Constitution"

Nothing to say about whether the actions described above were "entirely legal under the Honduran Constitution."


Jean Valjean said...

Man, this is like a dry run for what they'd love to do here. Poor banana republic.

Green Eagle said...

And I remember them justifying the coup by claiming that the Honduran military was just following their constitution.

A lie, of course, but I wonder how they feel now about the respect they are showing for the Honduran constitution.

P.S. Yes, Green Eagle did find and read a copy of the Honduran constitution.