Thursday, September 17, 2009

Republican Whining Continues

The right wing pseudo-outrage of the day, all over the wingnut web:

"Surrender: Obama Betrays Eastern European Allies, Scraps Promised Missile Defense"

Translation: Obama decides not to use Poland and the Czech republic as dumping grounds for an assortment of useless, non functional science fiction junk, produced by our defense industry at great expense to the American taxpayers, despite decades of evidence that it didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever working.

What a disgrace, huh?

This replaces yesterday's outrage, the claim that Acorn members were helping pimps and prostitutes bring underage illegal aliens into the country as sex slaves. That one was based on a secret tape made by two right wing plants, who "disguised" themselves and went into an Acorn office. If you have seen pictures of these two brave people, you would know that they looked like a couple of young Republicans dressed up as low-lives for a high school play. No person with any experience of life could have believed them for a second. So, the Acorn people told them all sorts of ridiculous stuff. One of them even claimed to have murdered her husband. These tapes made great watching on Fox news etc. for several days, until finally someone bothered to check, and what do you know? The lady's husband was alive and well! At that point the Acorn people admitted that they had been having the intrepid "investigative" reporters on, and so there is nary a sign of this story today. And then their great Czar whinefest blew up in their faces when it turned out that Bush had more Czars than Obama. So, they really needed to find something fast to whine about. Well, here it is. Lucky us, huh?

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