Friday, September 11, 2009


Green Eagle takes great pride in announcing his new campaign to save America from tyranny!

This organization is dedicated to helping all Republicans who support secession from the United States, and other measures, such as idiotic readings of the tenth amendment, tax refusal, self-appointed grand juries, and fraudulent birth certificates in order to deny the authority of the Federal Government.

We want to see them accomplish their most cherished goals, and finally become patriotic citizens of a new country, where they can practice their greed, have their daily temper tantrums, subscribe to ruinous economic theories, run around in the streets with assault weapons, attack whoever they God damned please, pray in the schools, and bring back slavery for all we care.

Membership is open to all, and for a limited time, leadership positions are available!


Poll P. said...

Man, no surprise what states they'll congregate in. But what will happen to the few hapless sane persons caught inthose states?

Green Eagle said...

refugee status