Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sucker of the Week

Here he is: Senator Max Baucus.

The perfect example of the spineless, utterly lacking in principle, worthless Democrat we have come to know so well over the last thirty years or so.

This total fool allowed the Republicans to lure and lie him into producing a health care reform bill which is, unbelievably, worse than the current mess, and which in fact consists of nothing but a gigantic, trillion dollar gift to the health insurance companies, with absolutely nothing to help the American people, or to deal with the disastrous economics of our current system. They led him around by the nose with promises of bipartisan support that no one over the age of five could have possibly found credible, so he could try to make himself look like the hero, by delivering one or two Republican votes for a bill so damaged that it must make the insurance companies jump for joy.

So, Max, you sold your soul, and what did you get in return? Ten Republican votes? Five? One? No, you got nothing. Zero. You got a kick in the face for all your effort.

And here's the crazy thing. Any person with a brain in his head could have told you right at the beginning that that was what was going to happen. Every time you deal with Republicans, all you walk away with is a knife in your back. You've been in the Senate for thirty years, Max. Didn't you ever notice that? All you have accomplished is to do everything you could to derail the the greatest Democratic victory in forty years.

Proud of yourself, you stupid, corrupt ass?

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