Tuesday, September 8, 2009


A little advice from our friends at Town Hall:

"If Obama and the Democrats in Congress are counting on Sen. Olympia Snowe's help in passing their health care boondoggle, they've got another thing coming. Snowe is, at the moment, decidedly not on board."

And somewhat similar advice from Green Eagle: Guys, if you are counting on Sen. Olympia Snowe's help, or any other Republican's help, you are brain dead. Pass the bill without them, and be heroes. Or give in to their crap, and be suckers. Take your pick- it's the only choice you've got.

Update: This just in:

"Snowe said she wanted the president to take the public option "off the table" because doing so "would allay the concerns of so many of whether or not there's a government takeover." Snowe added, "The point is, I don't support a public option, and none of my Republican colleagues do."

I toldja so. And as I have often insisted, there is no such thing as an honest Republican. They are all crooks, bought and paid for by corporations, every single one of them. If Democrats want to live in a civilized, modern country, they are going to have to do it on their own, with the Republicans clinging to their ankles, trying to trip them up at every step.

So, Barack, quit living in a happy fantasy world, and do it already.

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