Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Little Wingnut Wrapup

Really, I am so sick of our entire political discourse being reduced to nothing but refuting one gigantic Republican lie after another, taking a little damage with every new delusion they spread. And of course this is because anyone who knows the truth will support the Democratic alternative on every issue, so they have to create enough noise to utterly erase reality from the public forum.

Well, here's some of the noise that attracted my attention today:

Tristan Yates, Pajamas Media: "The Uselessness of Paul Krugman"

Because Tristan Yates, self-described financial consultant, is so much more knowledgeable in the area of economics than an ignorant poser like Nobel Prize winning Princeton Economics Professor Paul Krugman. This is proven by the fact that, although Professor Krugman is always right about things, he is also always liberal; whereas Tristan Yates, while admittedly always wrong about things, is always conservative. Q.E.D!

John Rosenthal, Pajamas Media: "Neo-Nazis Join Islamists at Al-Quds Day Demonstration in Berlin"

No talk about the neo-Nazis that joined all of the tea parties. I wonder why that might be? I saw a bunch of them at the ones I went to. They sure weren't trying to hide or anything. Maybe it doesn't fit in with Mr. Rosenthal's premise that Nazis are really liberals? So, of course liberals would join in with Islamic religious fanatics, since everyone knows the religious are all liberals.

Wait, what did I say there? I might have to think this line of reasoning over.

Charlie Martin, Pajamas Media: "March on Washington: How Big Was the Crowd?"

For anyone who still needs more lies about that sordid subject.

Ben Stein, Newsmax: "Thank You, Mr. President, for Reviving GOP"

Right on there, Ben- in the last few weeks, the Republicans have gone from 20% approval all the way up to a sky high, what was it? Oh, yeah, 22%! They're on the march now. By 2010, maybe they will be all the way up to 25%! Particularly if you count all of those millions that showed up at the teabag march.

Helen Valois, Renew America: "Making Nazis Weep"

My executive summary of this splendid opinion piece:

Nazi Nazi Pelosi Obama Nazi Terry Sciavo Nazi Obama Auschwitz Death Panels Nazi Obama Hitler Hitler Hitler More Auschwitz More Nazi Abortion Hitler Dreams from my Father, Mein Kampf Obama Lie Hitler Obama kill sick Concentration Camp Kill Granny Obama Nazi

I guess that told them.

And, now a word from one of Green Eagle's favorite Loons, Pam Schuffert:

"The call is going forth as never before for an increase in GOD'S PRAYER WARRIORS and INTERCESSORS!

I was traveling to perform journalism and investigation regarding coming martial law across the nation, and lectured in OREGON. We followed this with powerful intercessory prayer. The Holy Spirit then gave one intercessor an inspired WORD OF KNOWLEDGE:

"Thus saith the Lord: Had it not been for MY PRAYER WARRIORS PRAYING that I would HOLD BACK Martial Law from your nation, YOUR NATION WOULD BE UNDER MARTIAL LAW RIGHT NOW!"

I'm sure you are glad to know that.

Sorry that I couldn't put that in my usual red type there, or you would lose the value of my careful reproduction of Pam's love of varied typography.

This kind of thing is usually (seriously) a sign of paranoid delusions, but really, how far is it from the rest of the stuff I put in here? These guys are really walking close to the edge of the cliff.

And a final note: A Georgia judge has angrily thrown out Orly Taitz's latest idiotic birther lawsuit, telling her that he is going to take action against her if she ever shows up in his courtroom again with nonsense like that. Don't worry, though. She's already filed another almost identical lawsuit in another state. One of these days, she might even find a judge senile enough to fall for it (before she's disbarred for deliberate fraud.)

And a little more Orly. I can't resist.... In an interview today, she had this to say:

"somebody should consider trying [the judge] for treason ...Not every judge is as corrupt as Judge Land."

Orly, If I were you, I would think twice in the future about appearing again before Judge Land. Just some well-meant advice.

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