Friday, September 25, 2009

Wingnut Wrapup, Back Again

Well, there's so little news these days that I thought I would take a little dip in the wicky wacky world that is today's conservatism. It's not as funny as it was a few months ago, and I'm not as inclined to cut them as much slack as before, but here's what there is:

Michelle Malkin, Town Hall: "The Three R's in the Age of Obama: Rappin', Revolution and Radicalism"

Negro! Communist! Negro Communist! Communist Negro!!!!! There! I guess Michelle made her point.
Not racist, of course. Don't you dare suggest that. If you do, you are the racist, get it buddy? Now, back to the main point. NEGRO!

Janet Shaw Crouse, Town Hall: "Does America Need Health Care Reform? U.S. Health Care Costs are Low, Results are High"

How much did someone pay you to say that, you lying scum? And what else, exactly, would you do for your own personal advantage, other than deny forty million people health care?

Suzanne Fields, Town Hall: "When Defenses Go Down"

This refers, of course, to Obama's getting the Russians to back us on action against Iran, in return for us abandoning Ronald Reagan's fantasy laser beam defense system, which has shown absolutely zero ability to work despite thirty years of funding. That's a miserable loss, in Republican minds. A miserable financial loss for defense contractors, anyway.

Charles Krauthammer, Town Hall: "A Great Good Man"

That would be Irving Kristol, the man who invented neoconservatism- the ideology which proved that ex-left wingers can get really rich if they just abandon any shred of decency they possess, and tell whatever lie corporate America puts into their mouths. That was truly a great achievement for mankind.

Power Line: "Obama backs an insane horse"

That would be democracy in Honduras. Colorful imagery there, huh? I mean, who wants to back an insane horse, when you can side with a military dictatorship?

Victor Davis Hansen, Pajamas Media: "Watching the UN watch Ahmadinejad I was reminded of Europe circa July 1941."

Yeah, Victor, but everything reminds you of Europe circa July 1941. Everything, that is, except the insane right wing violence in this country, which you are working so hard to promote.

Power Line: "Worst foreign policy ever?"

Boy, you guys have short memories. They don't even go back ten months.

Gateway Pundit: "Rudy Giuliani Slams UN & Obama Administration on "Dangerous Moral Equivalence"

Rudy, really, you lost any right to lecture us about morality about the time you took your third wife. So, if I were you, I'd just go back to screaming "9/11" every third word. Not that that worked for you either, now that I think of it.

Madeline Crabb, Renew America: "Reaping what we sow--America: Land of liberty and home of the free. But for how long?
In November 2008, by a margin of ten million votes, Barack Hussein Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States. There was plenty of evidence to prove he was one of the most liberal members in both state and federal legislatures..."

Liberal. Yeah, Madeline, that's why we voted for him. Deal with it, lady.

Ilana Mercer, World Net Daily, "Life in the Oink Sector"

That would be government. Or Democrats. Or something. Keep up the serious political analysis there, Ilana.

Fox News: "I felt this was reminiscent of 1930s Germany...."said Robert Bowen, father of two children at Bernice Young Elementary."

More Nazi crap You didn't think I was going to let you off that easy, did you? This time it's about some kids singing a song about Obama. I'll tell you what, guy, when Obama combines the singing with a few million people exterminated and the illegal invasion of a half dozen countries, get back to me, and we'll talk about 1930's Germany. Till then, bug off.

World Net Daily: "Did Obama call on Israel to vacate Temple Mount?"

No, but since you lie about everything else, why not throw this one in too?

Tony Blankley, Human Events: "End the Coarsening of Civic Discourse"

Of course, totally due to Democrats, as can be seen from the serious, high minded discourse that makes it into Wingnut Wrapup on a daily basis.

Steve McCann, American Thinker: "Obama and the Last Hurrah of Liberalism"

Winning is losing. And as usual, it's all good for Republicans. Well, Steve, you go on telling yourself that. See where it gets you.

And today's nomination for most idiotic right wing post of the day, to whom else?

Jonah Goldberg, National Review Online: "H.P. Lovecraft, Fascist?"

The mind boggles. What, is Cthulhu a communist? Really, could anyone on earth be more stupid than Jonah Goldberg?


quietmagpie said...

I don't know if you know this already (as I can't assume that you see all the same Right-wing lunacy that I do) but Obama was compared to a Lovecraft character, Nyarlathotep, by various idiots.

I'm not into Lovecraft myself but apparently the Nyarlathotep character looks like a tall black pharaoh, which comparison somehow cross-pollinates with that other school of religiously motivated Obama-bashing that compares him to a Biblical enemy of Jews.

Get it? Tall AND black. Must be Obama.
But don't you dare call these people racist....

Our prime minister is at the UN currently. Thank goodness HE looks like a harried and overfed accountant. Wouldn't want people calling him Sauron or something.

mastercynic said...

It's somewhat understandable why so many Republicans are reluctant to give up St. Regan's Star Wars fantasy. The endless flow of government funding to the military-industrial complex has provided a primary source of campaign contributions to the right, and then, of course, it was the one thing St. Regan did that was most responsible for the downfall of the Soviet Union. They went bankrupt chasing his delusion.

Green Eaqgle said...

Too bad we didn't think of the Lovecraft thing first. How's this for a description of Cheney:

"that tentacled amorphous monster...the noxious Yog-Sothoth, who froths as primal slime in nuclear chaos beyond the nethermost outposts of space and time!"

Now, as to Star Wars- I have insisted since the Reagan era that this was the ultimate defense boondoggle- a program into which you could pour hundreds of billions of dollars, and end up just where you started, ready to fund some other phony, lunatic scheme, which exists for the sole purpose of enriching defense contractors.

Elizabeth said...

Green Eagle, I've wandered here from The Swash Zone -- and I must congratulate you on your strong stomach.

This line itself,

U.S. Health Care Costs are Low, Results are High

makes me feel too sick to continue exploring whatever else (i.e., the idiot) that lurks behind it. Wingnuts clearly live in an alternate reality, one carefully removed from facts.

Green Eagle said...


Thanks for visiting. Green Eagle has been following this sort of thing since the late 60's, and has developed a kind of immunity.

Don't try this at home- it took a vast amount of nausea along the way, before I realized that 99% of it was just ignorant, belligerent bluster.