Monday, September 7, 2009

Job Losses

I cannot resist reprinting (i.e. stealing) this graphic about job losses, from a post at Archy, by John J. McKay:

I must say that, even though I follow the news pretty closely, I wasn't aware of this.

Now that even the Wall Street Journal has admitted that Obama's stimulus is working to produce significant economic gains, I have seen the whining liars of the right crying that "where's the recovery- look at the job losses." Not that they ever gave a God damn about people losing their jobs before. But back to the subject. Sure the continuing job losses are terrible, but look at the chart. Just as the stock market started going back up within a month and a half of the adults replacing the spoiled children in the White House, so too did the rate of job losses change for the better.

Face it: Democratic economics works; Republican economics is nothing but a criminal con job.

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