Monday, September 7, 2009

GOP News of the Day

I've gotten bored with Wingnut Wrapup. It's not that they are any less delusional these days, or that the individual items are any less idiotic. It's just that they are the same, and like a joke told too many times, it's just dull. Don't worry, I'm still keeping my eyes on them and will report back to you with any outbreaks of illustrious stupidity. Today, instead, here are a few news items from the right wing web, just to keep you informed and up to date:

"Kentucky split on Obama's true birthplace
Only 51 percent say they're sure of Democrat's geographic origin"

The other 49 percent can't read. Actually, most of them think Dick Cheney is the president.

"Jerome Corsi to be honored as 'Champion of Liberty'
Constitution Day event in Arlington, Va., open to public"

Remember who Jerome Corsi is? He was the number one person behind the Swift Boat smear. There you have it- American champion of liberty. Republican style.

"GOP: Time to overthrow 'czars'

Guys, I hate to bring this to your attention, but before you get yourselves too committed to this thing, it might be a good idea to remember the last guy who overthrew the czars. His name was Lenin. I'm not really sure you're that down with him.

"Hilarious! Hitler rants against Obama in new spoof"

Hey, what is Hitler doing ranting against Obama? I thought they were blood brothers.

There you have it- 49% of Kentuckians are mentally ill, lying smear masters are champions of liberty, Republicans are going to do what Lenin did, and Hitler is making fun of Obama. News of the World, Republican style.

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