Thursday, September 10, 2009

Your Liberal Press, Chapter 20,000 Or So

I was running some errands and listening to NPR in the car. They had a segment on right wing congressman Joe Wilson calling Obama a liar during a presidential address to congress. They interviewed six people or so about the incident. All six of them supported Wilson, with some of them stating that someone needs to tell the truth.

It never occurred to the reporters at NPR to mention that it was Obama who was telling the truth, and Wilson who was lying. I guess that part of the story wasn't important.

One of the interviewees stated that this was no different than when liberals used to boo Bush during his addresses.

It never occurred to the reporters at NPR to mention that such a thing never happened.

Nice work, guys.

And this: Everywhere I look, even on supposedly left leaning websites like Huffington Post, I see that Joe Wilson apologized to Obama. Here is what he actually said:

"Last night, I spoke to the leadership, and they wanted me to contact the White House and say that my statements were inappropriate. And I did...."

That is not an apology. It is a statement that he is saying what he was ordered to say. There is absolutely zero acknowledgment there that he did anything wrong.

One more demonstration that the truth means nothing to the American press.

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