Friday, September 11, 2009

U. S. Doctors Rally Against Obamacare

From Gateway Pundit. Here's the picture of the demonstration:

You've got to hand it to these guys, huh? They sure can bring out the numbers. You can just feel the momentum building.

By the way, wonder what the "Association of American Physicians and Surgeons" is? This, from Wikipedia:

"The organization opposes mandatory vaccination, universal health care and government intervention in healthcare. The AAPS has characterized the effects of the Social Security Act of 1965, which established Medicare and Medicaid, as "evil" and "immoral".AAPS argues that....there is no right to medical care, and that a government-mandated entitlement to medical care is unconstitutional and immoral. The organization also opposes mandated evidence-based medicine and practice guidelines, criticizing them as a usurpation of physician autonomy and a fascist merger of state and corporate power.... Other procedures that AAPS opposes include abortion and over-the-counter access to emergency contraception."

Nice bunch of guys, huh? I wonder who pays for their conventions. Well, at least, judging from this picture, it won't cost them much.

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