Sunday, September 13, 2009

Teabaggers and the Press, part 2

Your serious, liberal beltway media. From Media Matters:

"Behold the media's glaring double standard. Today, the Post puts the "tens of thousands" of Obama-hating tea bagger protesters on A1; makes it the lead story as a matter of fact. Back in 2002, when more than 100,000 anti-war protesters gathered in the nation's capitol to protest the Bush administration, the same Wash. Post did its best to ignore them..."

And by the way, I repeat again, having been at the last big Bush-era protest, "More than 100,000" in this case is 3-400,000; official counts of yesterday's hatefest come in at 60-70,000.

And, I have to throw in here a great link to pictures of this event, by Oliver Willis. Good for a laugh or two. I'm looking myself for long shots so we can make some kind of guess of the real size of the crowd. For anyone that cares, in a day or two I will show the ones with the most people in them.

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