Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And Let's Not Forget Holy Joe

Here's Holy Joe Lieberman, whining again, from another great story at Talking Points Memo:

"...it turns out one reason he so fully embraced Republican Sen. John McCain during the presidential campaign is that none of his fellow Democrats asked for his help."

Right. And why might that be:

"But more importantly, Lieberman's loyalty (to McCain) and defiance of the Democratic party led McCain to want him as his running mate. McCain came so close that his team was already attempting to smooth the waters for nominating a pro-choice former Democrat at the Republican National Convention.

But in mid-August, Karl Rove told McCain aides it would be an awful idea... Rove phoned Lieberman Aug. 24 and pleaded with him to decline the offer.

"[Y]ou may be the only person who can save McCain from himself," Rove said to Lieberman, according to the book."

Just the man that a Democratic presidential candidate would turn to for help, huh? Someone who was consulting with Karl Rove.

Joe Lieberman- ya gotta love him.


Paula said...
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Green Eagle said...

Note: Just in case you wondered, Green Eagle has not gone power mad with the trash button. The comment I deleted was an off topic jab from my wife, mocking me because I turned my phone off and forgot to turn it back on. So there.