Monday, January 25, 2010

Wingnut Wrapup

I have to say that I am getting rather tired of right wing hatemongers lately. I do believe there is a reason for somebody to keep a pretty close watch on them, but I also feel that it helps if the things can be seen with a little humor- otherwise it is really painful to wade through it. And it's getting harder and harder to find anything to laugh at in their endless lies and hatred. It took days to find the material here, and I have been thinking of just giving up on Wingnut Wrapup for a while. We'll see.

Brian Faughnan, Red State: "House Democrats: You Know What Seems Like a Good Idea? Extending George Bush’s Tax Cuts"

Oh sure. That'll help a lot. And while we're at it, maybe we should spend a couple more trillion invading another innocent country, or maybe we should let another American city drown. After all, it might be fun to have a real depression.

Sher Zieve, Renew America: "according to leftist leaning "news" organizations (CNN and MSNBC) covering the special election, members of the Obama Administration have said that the tyrant will NOT take this defeat lying down."

Instead of what he should do in response to losing one senatorial election, which is apparently to lie down in the road and pant like a dog while the Republicans drive all over him in their hummers. Because now that his party has lost a State election, we know for sure that he has no right to be president.

Jillian Bandes, Town Hall: "President Obama's Plan: Soak The Rich, Coddle The Middle Class"

Sounds about right to me. Go with it, Barack. It beats the Republican plan: soak the middle class and coddle the rich.

And now for the colossal delusion of the day:

Pam Geller, Atlas Shrugs: "Muslim Brotherhood is Hamas (CAIR, MAS, ISNA, ICNA) and they've achieved absolute intellectual dominance at the senior level of the Executive branch, the CIA, the Pentagon, the FBI, the Department of State ........."

Right, Pammy. Our whole government is run by a foreign terrorist organization, which, by the way, can't even control the minuscule piece of territory that they actually live in. Well, maybe they are getting help from the Illuminati, or the Satanists. Get back to us on that.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "Figures. White House Awarded $25 Million No-Bid Contract to Big Dem Donor"

I don't remember you complaining, Jim, when Dick Cheney awarded several billion in no-bid contracts to his own company. But that's different, huh?

Washington Times: "Hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers protested the 37th anniversary of legalized abortion Friday...Organizers estimated the crowd at the March for Life to number at least 200,000."

Well, here's a picture showing the most people I could find. It's a little hard to tell what we are looking at here, because the picture is at a low angle, but we are getting used to looking at this sort of thing, aren't we?

I see open space at the sides of this demonstration, only a little way into the mall. It looks like the crowd may go down the center, about a third or a half of the way to the Washington monument; and assuming we are looking at the front of the crowd, it doesn't go across the street to the Capitol grounds. I'd say maybe 30,000- 40,000 if you are being generous. Not so much for the big event of the religious wacko year. I will say, though, that their estimates of the crowd size, at only five to six times the truth, are pretty honest- for these guys. Here's my favorite part of the article:

"Three Orthodox Jewish rabbis came on stage to blow a shofar -- a ram's horn used to welcome in the Jewish New Year -- and encourage listeners to have more children.

"The selfish liberals are not reproducing," Brooklyn Rabbi Yehuda Levin said. "We Orthodox Jews are bringing in 7-14 children into a family. You too can have a holy baby."

Oy. And maybe get a reality show out of it too.

By the way, Jews- just in case you feel superior to Christians because of the wackos running around out there in the name of Jesus, let's just remember that this sort of idiocy is no more attractive when you dress it up in a talit.

Now, here is a little longer excerpt from an article dealing with the recent corrupt Supreme Court decision allowing corporations and foreign entities to overwhelm our elections with money, by Wes Vernon, a regular at Renew America. It's particularly important in this case to notice what he doesn't mention:

"The U.S. Supreme Court struck a huge blow for freedom by effectively saying to the jack boots, "You will not shut-up those who dissent from your perceived wisdom."

No mention yet that "those who dissent" in this case refers to corporations only, and has nothing to do with ordinary citizens.

"...the president Saturday condemned the Supreme Court decision. The sheer crust of the man came when he uttered, "We don't need to give any more voice to the powerful interests that already drown out the voices of everyday Americans."

"...The only "powerful interests" (by their sheer numbers and decibel level at their rallies) are those who make up the Tea Party movement, and the only things they wish to "drown out" are his lies. That takes some doing, given that he has the bully pulpit and they don't."

Of course, as we in the sane world all know, this Supreme Court ruling has absolutely nothing to do with teabaggers or any other private citizens. No mention of that, however.

"He actually thinks it is his prerogative to grant (or withhold from) his commoner subjects the right to express their opinions."

"Withhold from commoner subjects?" I guess all these commoners want nothing more than the opportunity to funnel money to political candidates through the corporations they control. Once again, Wes completely turns this decision on its head, claiming that it is directed toward anyone but the richest among us, including international corporations, or any other foreigner that cares to spend a couple of hundred dollars forming a U. S. corporation.

"Herewith the plain English translation of our emperor's threat: "We don't need to give any more voice to everyday Americans — whether at tea parties or through their popular radio talkshow hosts or Fox News — whose voices my hit men and resident thugs have been desperately trying to shut up since the day I set foot in this White House. The decision allowing all these dissenters to be heard makes it all the harder for me to pick the pockets of Main Street while I'm demagoguing Wall Street..."

"Everyday Americans." i.e. Exxon, GE, Monsanto, General Motors and all those other ordinary Joes living in our neighborhoods.

Again, Mr. Vernon, knowing perfectly well that he is lying, claims that this decision somehow preserves the voices of "everyday Americans" and "dissenters."

"this is going to complicate liberals' plans to shut up conservative broadcasters."

Conservative broadcasters, who, of course, have absolutely nothing to do with this decision. That's okay, I guess, because the liberal plans he refers to only exist in his fantasy world.

Later in the article, Wes lets slip a comment revealing that he knows perfectly well what this decision was about. That didn't stop him from spending hundreds of words lying through his teeth to his fellow conservatives, fully confident that they are too stupid and ignorant to know the truth.

And finally, the slimy remark of the day:

Barbara Simpson, World Net Daily: "Last week's election of Scott Brown to replace Edward Kennedy in the U.S. Senate really was justice delayed for Mary Jo Kopechne"

Really delayed, since it involved letting Teddy live out his life as a respected senior statesman, and then taking revenge on Martha Coakley, who had nothing to do with Chappaquiddick. This brings me to my current theory of why Scott Brown won in Massachusetts. I think a lot of voters confused Martha Coakley with Mary Jo Kopechne, and they didn't want to be represented in the Senate by a zombie. And from what I hear about Martha Coakley's speeches, I don't think she did much to straighten them out.

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