Friday, January 1, 2010

Renew America's New Star Sets Us Right

It's time for a nice visit with Sher Zieve, Renew America's sweetheart, and the person who seems to have taken up the slack since Grant Swank has deteriorated into incoherent (but very angry) muttering.

Above, Sher and her twin brother.

Sher is in her usual feisty mood today, so let's just jump right in and absorb her wisdom, which Green Eagle is supplying with appropriate exegesis:

It is no longer a secret that Obama & Co's ObamaCare Death Plan is yet another way to steal money from the American people and reduce the overall population of the former United States of America."

Because nothing will reduce the population like providing them with health care. That makes sense, right?

"Taxes in the form of unconstitutional but, mandatory "health" insurance payments are demanded by the dictator-in-chief and his supplicant Congressional minions."

Ahh, now it's all becoming clear. It's not health insurance at all. It's "health" insurance. Sher, I wish you had told me that in the beginning. I'm not really that interested in being taxed to protect my "health." Thank you very much for the heads up.

"The hammer and sickle will come down upon the necks (or other body parts) of all who refuse to obey Tyrant Obama..."

Other body parts? Which ones? My God, how could Sher have left that detail out of her article? Inquiring minds want to know. I mean, does Sher mean that they are literally going to attack us with hammers and sickles? What savages. They control the army- they could have just used guns or bombs or something.

"...and fines, penalties and/or prison time await any and all dissenters."

Not quite sure I buy that, Sher, but here's my opinion, for what it's worth. Once the hammer and sickle come down on my neck and other body parts, I don't think I will be worrying that much about fines.

"The ObamaCare Death Panels remain in both the Senate and House versions of Obama's and the Congressional Democrats' Death Plan."

A pretty good feat there, as they never existed at all, except in the fantasy world that we call conservative journalism.

"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has gone so far as to write language into the Marxist-Democrat Senate version of the Obama Death Plan that makes it illegal to repeal their death panels."

Good trick if he could have done it, but he didn't. I bet that wasn't much of a surprise to you. On the other hand, give Sher the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it did happen on the planet where Sher lives.

"Paid-for-out-of-our-pockets abortions are also included in the Senate version, to the point that the Marxist House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has said she will support the Senate's rendering."

Those damned Marxists. They're everywhere. Guess what? This is a big fat lie too. What else did you expect?

Note: Pelosi even had the gall to mock God when she applauded the massive abortion death-funding proposed by the Senate and said "doesn't have a public option, doesn't expand Medicare for the 55 to 64 group, and has abortion language that is completely different from the House — thank God!" Memo to Death-Plan Nan — God does not support infanticide and, in fact, commands just the opposite. Have you read the Holy Bible, lately, or are you still in the process of rewriting it?"

No, that would be the conservatives, who actually are rewriting the bible to leave out the "liberal" parts. I kid you not. Boy, that's not going to leave much of a part for Jesus, is it?

I must say, I sort of liked the "Death-Plan Nan" thing. That'll really put her in her place, Sher.

Oh, wait. Her place is speaker of the House. It really isn't so bad when you put someone in that place. Maybe instead, we could put her in your place- the loony bin.

"...But, Obama advises that he WILL be satisfied! His ObamaCare Death Plan provides both a Stalinistic totalitarian platform and its implementation. We-the-People must be controlled, in order for the dictator, his ObamaCzars and minions to take over the country and rule it into perpetuity — and bankruptcy."

Where does she get these ideas? I mean, really. By the way, Sher, once they took over the country in perpetuity, why would they want it to go into bankruptcy? Something just doesn't seem quite right with that line of thinking.

"All too many of the American people simply refuse to wake up or are ignoring warnings based upon truth and logic. However, as these are liberals and leftists, I suspect their deep and uncaring slumber may be drug-induced."

Truth and Logic. The jokes write themselves. Or would if it were funny instead of disgusting.

"With the passage of Obama's Death Plan for the American people, our choices in the matter of our own bodies will be gone."

Listen, Sher: The first choice you should be making in the matter of your own body is a new haircut. And don't worry-you have plenty of time. Obama isn't planning to pass Haircutocare for a couple of years yet. That will be right after he passes a law requiring us to all have bombs in our underwear, to serve his Muslim masters. Then his destruction of the country will be complete.

"Still feeling peaceful? Are you?"

No, actually, Sher, I'm feeling sick to my stomach. But thanks for asking.


Poll P. said...

If I didn't read it here, I wouldn't believe it. They're raving, paranoid maniacs.

Green Eagle said...

Or else someone is paying them a lot of money. Remember, they are paying Rush Limbaugh $400 million. I bet they have some left to spread out to loons like this.