Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wingnut Wrapup

Another multi-day collection. It's getting harder every day to fill this column. I guess they're all taking their meds these days.

Laura Hollis, Town Hall: "They’re ALL Communists"

Sure they are Laura. Every single one of them. And who is Laura Hollis?

"Laura Hirschfeld Hollis is a Clinical Professor of Business Administration at the University of Illinois."

Boy, that must be some pathetic university. Unless her whole title is Clinically Insane Professor of Business Administration. That's a common position at American universities, you know, created to address conservative complaints of liberal faculty bias.

Newsmax: "Democrats Launch War Against Insurance Industry"

Oh if only that were true. The Republicans would never launch a war against them- they don't have any oil.

David Harsanyi, Town Hall: "Fox News Is Biased? So What?"

Yeah, so what? So what if they spend 24 hours a day spreading hate and lies? They can do whatever they damned please, and they're going to keep doing it, buster. So love it or leave it, pinkos.

Eric Giunta, Renew America: "God: the soul of conservatism"

Eric, the word you were looking for is "Greed." As in "Greed: the soul of conservatism." Now, isn't that better? And you're much less likely to get struck by lightning, for taking you-know-who's name in vain.

World Net Daily Breaking Exclusive: "Look who's married to Obama's media 'controller'

A guy who works for the law firm that dealt with the idiotic birther suits. Now there's a scandal. One of Obama's aides is married to one of his lawyers. WND, that's pathetic even for you.

Debra J. Saunders, Town Hall: "The Real Flaw: Fox Is a No-Fawn Zone"

Didn't watch Fox much during the Bush administration, did you, Debra?

Erick Erickson: "Harry Reid Blames the AMA. Can’t Bring Himself to Blame RedState."

Harry Reid can't even bring himself to remember what Red State is, Erick. He leaves that to Green Eagle, the Parrot who Never Forgets.

Little Pammy Geller, Atlas Shrugs: "......more than one critic has wondered aloud why Democrats don’t just give up on the public option – which is opposed by every Republican – in order to reach a more bipartisan outcome. What exactly is so important about the public option anyway?"

Yeah, what exactly is so important about the public option anyway? Good question there, Pammy. Here's your answer: a health care system that is devoted to helping sick people get better, instead of enriching a few greedy bastards and letting the rest of us stay sick. That's what is so important about the public option. You know, Pammy, I really think you could have figured that one out yourself, if you weren't so busy every day pumping out a couple of thousand words of abuse directed at every Muslim on earth.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "White Flag Wavers in White House Say Cheney Failed in Afghanistan"

Jim, in what American jail is Osama Bin Laden imprisoned? Tell us about how the Taliban has been crushed beyond recovery. Cheney did fail in Afghanistan, you stupid jackass. Your post should read "people who speak the truth," not "white flag wavers."

Gateway Pundit: "White House Emails MSNBC During Broadcast to Correct Them"

God, another communist abuse of executive power- E-mailing someone. Will their evil never end?

Bob Unruh, World Net Daily: "A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Charles F. Kerchner Jr. and others against Congress, alleging members of that institution failed in their constitutionally specified responsibility to evaluate Barack Obama and make sure of his eligibility to occupy the Oval Office."

If he'd only ordered them to be horsewhipped, we might see an end to this malicious nonsense. Haven't we had enough of this already? I meant, haven't you had enough. Green Eagle will never have enough. Orly, where are you, girl?

World Net Daily: "Where did Obama learn to destroy America?"

Maybe from studying the example of his predecessor.

Power Line: Today "compensation czar" Kenneth Feinberg announced the Obama administration's plan to punish executives of companies that received TARP money by cutting their compensation by an average of 90 percent"

Hey, we own the companies now, right? We paid for them. And the owner can do anything he wants to his employees, right? It's the Republican way.

By the way, the guy at Power Line is lying. What Obama did was make them take 90% of their compensation in stock, so they only get rich if their companies make money. How evil, huh?

Numerous Sites: "Obama: Democrats think for themselves, Republicans do what they’re told"

A bad thing, according to Republicans, who are all doing what they were told today by pretending to be so outraged about this remark. This true remark, by the way. That's probably what really bothered them. They're pretty allergic to the truth.


Cardinal44 said...

Fox News compares Obama to Nixon, Wait, I'm confused. Don't they LIKE Nixon?

Green Eagle said...

Consistency? You want consistency? Since when did the Republicans let that stand in the way of a good smear?