Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jerkwatch- Day 6

Joe Lieberman:

"I feel relevant,'' Lieberman said in a conference call with a handful of Connecticut reporters this afternoon.

"I've taken this position [on health care reform] because I believe it,'' he said."

Sure, Joe. The only thing that you believe is that God sent you here to rescue the world, by stabbing your former friends in the back every chance they get. If there was ever a time when you did something because you believe in it, that time ended years ago. Now, you're just another corrupt, self important little weasel, just like all of your new Republican buds. Enjoy it while it lasts, Joe. There's a place waiting in the hereafter for people like you.


Derek said...

because someone who doesn't toe the party line is a weasel. you have so much tact ge, you should bottle it and sell it.

Green Eagle said...

Derek, GE already tried that, but he couldn't get the corks in with his beak.