Monday, October 12, 2009

A Good Dose of Right Wing Hate

Here's an article that is such a mountain of lies and hatred that it just spilled out of Wingnut Wrapup and into its own post. And, no surprise, it is by Sher Zieve over at Alan Keyes' lunatic website, Renew America. Both Renew America and Sher have provided us with some of our most sickening right wing viciousness, and Sher doesn't let us down today. So, here goes:

"Obama receives Nobel for being Marxist president"

Why, of course that's what they gave it to him for. Why else do they give those things out?

"With very few exceptions, for decades the inaptly named Nobel 'Peace Prize' has been bestowed upon the anti-human amongst us; most notably terrorists and Marxists."

Like Henry Kissinger, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Ellie Wiesel...I could go on here, but you get the point- Marxist terrorists all.

"This award has become a tool of the world's leftist ruling-elite ranks to be given to those who are the most corrupt of us. Note: Leftists love dishonesty and those who get away with perpetrating it upon others. These are the beings they idolize. They view corruption and treachery as a pleasant and invigorating game of deceiving and ultimately destroying their fellows."

What can you say about that? I guess we will never know what mixture of paranoid delusion and out and out evil bring a person to say such things. I'm sorry to be serious, but really, why does our national political life have to be held hostage to the hatred and lies that pour out of these deranged people?

And, what kind of evidence does she think she has to cause her to make these hideous assertions? Anyway....

"With the advent of Barack Hussein Obama as the US' dictator-in chief, the Nobel group decided to throw away any last vestiges of its substance and value to anyone by giving the award to the US presidential usurper."

"Dictator in chief", "US Presidential usurper." Remember when people like this howled in anger when anyone dared question the actions of the worst President in history- their beloved President Bush?

And how they have let their hatred of our country go, to spew so much bile because of something that should make us proud- that we, the American people, selected a leader who has the respect of the world.

"And Obama's receipt of this once-but-long-ago valued prize was voted on a mere 11 days after he took office"

A lie, of course. What else do you expect?

"— before he had even begun the behaviors that would exhibit his atrocities."

And what behaviors and atrocities were those? Giving health care to people? Rescuing bankrupt companies and setting them on their feet again? Showing the world that we are a decent people, who can be trusted to use our great power wisely?

"But, the NPP committee has indicated that this now-dubious "prize" was given to the dictator in order to encourage him to continue his suppressive promises and ways toward dismantling the United States of America in favor of a Marxist government."

Of course, the Norwegian Parliament, which appoints the Nobel committee, could have no other goal than promoting Marxism and dismantling the United States.

"And in his first months of leading the country over a cliff and into an apparently almost bottomless pit, Obama has done precisely that. Foreign entities are now firmly in control of the USA."

They are? I hadn't noticed. Too bad Sher didn't see fit to explain that.

"If the USA falls to Marxist oppression — and with all of Obama's Marxist anti-human Czars seemingly replacing or at least mirroring cabinet positions and the leftist-run Congress now seizing their personal power over that of We-the-People it appears that it soon will — democracies and republics worldwide will fail and fall. The long bastion of freedom and hope — the United States of America — will no longer be in existence to fight for liberties and against the subjugation of tyrants waging wars against vulnerable countries."

And when, since World War II or Korea, have we done that? I can give you a dozen examples of when we have done the exact opposite, supporting tyrants against their own people. The latest candidate for that is Honduras, where the American right has decided that a military dictatorship is much superior to an elected president. Or how about Pakistan, where the blowback from George Bush's cozying up to a military dictator is the greatest threat to world peace today. Okay, the second greatest. The greatest threat to world peace is that people like Sher Zieve might once again take control of the American military.

To his credit, Obama has joined the rest of the world in refusing to go along with the warmongering, bloodthirsty mob that has arisen in this country. I guess that is what makes him a Marxist terrorist.

"The Nobel "peace" prize continues to be awarded to those who bring iron-fisted control over their societies — not peace.

Sher neglects to name an example. Of course, as there are none, it might be hard.

"No matter how corrupt and perverse these elite become there will no longer be the strong and free society of the USA to stop them. This award's recipient makes perfectly logical sense."

Oh, forget the rest. There is a sickness, a plague, striking our country. It is far more virulent than Swine Flu, and it has dug its tentacles far more deeply into our people. I fear for the toll it will take before we see the end of it- this willing surrender to madness, violence and hatred, this deliberate and open contempt for truth and for the most basic human decency. Those who are religious and who have their eyes open must have little doubt, if Satan really exists, which side it is with which he has cast his lot.


Poll. P. said...

I'm religious, but don't pretend to have any answers. I could surmise that God's plan is to have to bad guys reveal themselves in ways so contemptible that even those not paying close attention, can see who's good and who's not.

Green Eagle said...

If that's his plan, he pulled it off with this lady. Unfortunately, she seems to be preaching to a really nasty choir over there at Renew America.