Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's Good for the Republicans

Your Serious Washington Press at work- Chris Cilizza, from the Washington Post:

"Less than one in five voters (19 percent) expressed confidence in Republicans' ability to make the right decisions for America's future while a whopping 79 percent lacked that confidence.

Among independent voters, who went heavily for Obama in 2008 and congressional Democrats in 2006, the numbers for Republicans on the confidence questions were even more worse. Just 17 percent of independents expressed confidence in Republicans' ability to make the right decision while 83 percent said they did not have that confidence.

And, perhaps most troubling for GOP hopes is the fact that just 20 percent of the Post sample identified themselves as Republicans, the lowest that number has been in Post polling since 1983.

That's not to say that 2009 hasn't been a good year for Republicans. By and large, it has been. "

(emphasis mine)

Can you imagine the stupidity, combined with the determination to make anything seem like a victory for the Republican party, that could lead to such a conclusion? And, can anyone still hold with the theory, popular for so long, that this kind of "news coverage" results merely from some mass ego problem on the part of our "journalists?"

The mainstream media today consists almost entirely of large corporate entities (thanks largely to Ronald Reagan and "deregulation".) Their interest lies with the Republican party, their bought-and-paid-for political subsidiary, and they are going to go on twisting everything they can to the Republicans' benefit.

Thank God for the internet- without it there would be no free press to speak of in this country, home of the most propagandized people on earth.


mastercynic said...

"more worse"? From the paper that brought Nixon down? Maybe they know it's the anniversary of the Saturday Night Massacre and want to make sure they're out of the line of fire. I only wish the real progressives were capable of swooping in for the kill.

Derek said...

"Can you imagine the stupidity, combined with the determination to make anything seem like a victory for the Republican party, that could lead to such a conclusion?"

Maybe you lack knowledge of other relevant information?



For rasmussen, look at "trust on issues" on the bottom right.

Republicans are trusted more than Democrats on essentially every issue. CNN agrees, as does Harris.

"Their interest lies with the Republican party"

Except MSNBC, who's CEO Jeffrey Immelt is also the CEO of GE, is buddy buddy with Obama and told his anchors that they weren't allowed to say anything bad about Obama last year. CNN has a liberal bias, as does ABC. All news mediums are liberal except some papers, talk radio, and Fox News. This was confirmed by the PEJ and Harvard.



But what are "facts" right?

Green Eagle said...


Go on believing that. You're in for a big surprise next November.

Derek said...

"You're in for a big surprise next November."

According to the polls, Republicans are to gain seats, not lose them, and that is still with some Obama-glam left. A year is a long time, and unless Obama cures cancer, Reid finds a deficit neutral efficient way to give government forced healthcare to every American (and illegal immigrant), and Pelosi stops being a bitch, then maybe the dems have a shot at keeping the seats they have. The Republicans are in a great position to gain seats. They are presenting alternatives, dems aren't having it and muscling through their own legislation. Independents are pissed at Democrats, and Republicans are, well, Republicans. Dems are still clinging to "Hope" that Obama will "change".

Maybe it is because you live near LA and are in your liberal bubble. People here are pissed like no other.

Derek said...


Obama even plays favorites.