Friday, October 9, 2009

Wingnut Wrapup- Nobel Prize Edition

It had to happen. The loud, rude clang of the Nobel medal clanking down on the rostrum today has triggered an avalanche. An avalanche of stupidity and synthetic outrage.

Yes, I agree- Barack Obama got the award for not being George Bush. Like any sane person, the members of the Nobel committee realized that nothing could promote the likelihood of world peace more than getting the likes of George Bush away from the White House. I just don't understand why they didn't have Obama share the award with Joe Biden, who has accomplished the task of not being Dick Cheney- if anything, an even greater accomplishment. Well, the moans and the shreiks are echoing around the world, with even some of the "mainstream" press joining in. Here's a sample. I could have gone on all night with this garbage, but this is certainly enough for now:

Chip Reid, chief White House correspondent, CBS: "And the fear among some, even some Democrats, is that this is going to widen the partisan divide and make things even more difficult to accomplish on every front."

No fear that Republicans constantly calling Democrats Nazis and communists and Muslim terrorists and Socialists and granny-killing murderers might make things more difficult, but Barack getting the Nobel prize? How dare he?

Nancy Gibbs, Time Magazine: "The Last Thing Obama Needs Is the Nobel Peace Prize"
"At this moment, many Americans are longing for a President who is more bully, less pulpit."

What Americans, you stupid loser? What Americans? The lunatics at the tea parties? The guys from Halliburton and Blackwater?

And by the way, as I saw someone point out today, maybe he needs cancer less than the Nobel prize. Maybe he needs to have his children eaten by bears less than the Nobel prize. What a moronical comment, and from a supposedly middle of the road magazine.

Hugh Hewitt, Town Hall: "Congratulations, Mr. President. Now Please Use The Moment To Save The Afghan People From The Taliban and The World From Iran's Fanatics"

Yes. Congratulations for winning the peace prize. Now use it to start some more wars. That makes sense. After all, they can't take it back, you know.

Town Hall: "Mockery: Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize"

Dr. Paul Kengor, Town Hall: "The Nobel Committee Dishonors Itself "

Jerry Bowyer, Town Hall: "Nobel's Stockholm Syndrome"

Dan McLaughlin, Red State: "Today’s announcement that Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize - having been nominated a grand total of 12 days into his presidency - officially places Obama and the Nobel Committee alike beyond parody."

Yuvel Levin, National Review Online: "The Nobel for Narcissism"

Benjamin Kerstein, The New Ledger: "Obama’s Nobel Prize: The World as Farce"

The above comments don't even justify my spending the time to make up a sarcastic remark. Who cares what any of those people say?

Erick Erickson, Red State: "The Nobel Peace Prize has gone to Yassar Arafat, Hezbollah, Jimmy Carter, and too many other terrorists and terrorist sympathizers to count. It looks like it is the Nobel committee throwing its lot with the terrorists and those who sympathize with them."

Yeah, that must be it. The Nobel committee is joining the terrorists.

Pam Geller, Atlas Shrugs: "Because nothing means anything anymore. Because good is evil and evil is good. Because we live in a morally bankrupt world."

Pammy, maybe because everything you claim to believe is a crock of shit. Maybe the whole world with the exception of the American right wing loons is right. Think about that one.

Darla D., ResistNet: "Obama Glory Days Fading"

Not today, Darla.

CMW, ResistNet: "Nobel Comrades Have Made Their Choice!"

Oh, I see. They're communists.

Dick Morris, Newsmax: "Obama's Nobel for Fostering Socialism"

And socialists.

Richard Viguere, Newsmax: "Obama Gets Nobel Prize for Radical, Leftist Agenda"

So that's what you get peace prizes for. Well, I certainly have never met a rightist that has much interest in peace, so maybe they know what they are doing.

Matthew J. Franck, National Review Online: "Instead of Pres. Obama's Nobel Acceptance, I'd rather watch Justice Clarence Thomas give a speech about the greatness of Abraham Lincoln."

Be my guest. What, you need a nap?

David Calling, National Review Online: "The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama is an outstanding example of European anti-Americanism...Obama would be wise to refuse the prize."

Because honoring the President of the United States is so anti-American. What kind of brain damage have these people been afflicted with?

Bill Kristol: "We could note that, if the Swedes Norwegians wanted to give the Nobel Peace Prize to an American, it would have been been better to give it to Sen. John McCain..."

Oh, right. That's a great idea. Why didn't they give the Nobel prize to John McCain.

Just thought I'd leave you with the stupidest comment of the day...

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