Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wingnut Wrapup

A sort of quiet Saturday:

Regular Folks United: "My position is that if Iran wants nukes we should send them a few, business end first..."

More responsible diplomacy from the right. Maybe that's why we aren't that interested in letting "regular folks" (i.e. deluded morons with anger issues) run our foreign policy. We tried that for eight years, and look where it got us.

Regular Folks United: "It’s Official: Barack Obama Has Now Replaced Jesus Christ"

More from the "regular folks." Obama has replaced Jesus with whom? They weren't that clear about it.

Meredith Jessup, Town Hall: "Good Read: The Conscience of a Capitalist "

Well, short read, anyway.

Erick "screw the police" Erickson, Red State: "I’ve finally realized something — the left really is without any standards. When Clinton got his Lewinsky, all of a sudden it was fine for powerful men to compel young women to get on their knees.

Really? Care to cite a couple of examples? No? I didn't think so. Erick (rhymes with prick) continues:

"Put another way — had it been Barack Obama’s war and not George Bush’s war, the left would be all about winning in Iraq."

One problem about that one, Erick. Obama wouldn't have started this criminal aggression against an innocent country. Obama wouldn't have killed a million innocent people. Obama wouldn't have made the whole world see us as a bunch of out of control, violent bullies.

And if he had, Erick, we would have been against him from the beginning, just like we were with your stupid, ignorant, violent child-president. Deal with it. We aren't filled with hatred like you guys are, and unlike you, we actually think evil is evil, whoever does it.

Robert Tracinski, Atlas Shrugs: "King Obama to Congress: "write the legislation I want, or else I will simply enact it by decree"

It looks like President Obama, facing the failure of his domestic agenda in Congress, is now going to attempt to pull out a victory by threatening Congress with the usurpation of its legislative powers. How? The administration has announced plans to impose sweeping controls on emissions of carbon dioxide by executive fiat, through the EPA, bypassing the legislature altogether."

By authorizing emissions standards, just as the law provides. You see, when a Republican lies us into a two trillion dollar murderous aggression, that's just fine. If a Democrat uses his presidential power legally, it's a monstrous injustice if he doesn't give the Republican party a chance to screw it up first.

May I add that this is the kind of thinking that, left unchallenged, ends up with people claiming that military dictatorships are constitutional democracies.

Gateway Pundit: "It Has Begun... St. Louis U Bans Conservative From Speaking on Campus"

What has begun? A new era of rational thought?

Andrew Klavan, Pajamas Media: "House in the Age of Obama
The iconoclastic doctor loses his signature rebelliousness and adopts a milquetoast conformity."

Now, Obama is responsible for House, too? Come on, guy- how about getting those poor Lost people off of their island already? And could you do something about Sylar?

Update: I just want to add this thought: Making Greg House treat people decently- now that's health care reform we can believe in.

Newsmax: "Rep. Boehner Accuses Obama of Subverting Constitution
While acknowledging that Obama has a right to domestic and international policy advisers, he contends that the president crossed the line with his czar appointments.
"He clearly is circumventing the Constitution, in my view...."

Although he has a perfect right to do what he is doing, he is subverting the constitution, which clearly bars Democratic presidents from doing anything. Didn't you ever notice that in there, right after the part about how the right to sell guns is more important than the right to live?

Oh, and did I mention that Bush had more "czars" than Obama? Remember the high minded Boehner complaining about that? No? It must have slipped your mind.

The great man is clearly George, while Abe is the big-government socialist. . ."

The Barnes Review. If you are not familiar with it, this is a venerable right wing publication that specializes in freeing our minds from the far-left notion that history is about things that actually happened.

Abe Lincoln- big-government socialist. There you go. Conservative scholarship in a nutshell. And you wonder why St. Louis U doesn't want them around.

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