Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Biggest Scum in the Whole World

Dick Cheney? No. Rush Limbaugh? No. Dennis Rodman? No.

From Talking Points Memo, this inevitable story:

"Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) told reporters today that he would in fact filibuster any health care bill he doesn't agree with--and right now, he doesn't agree with the public option proposal making its way through the Senate."

The one thing that could send everything down the tubes. Exactly what I have been afraid of all along. This pathetic, disgusting excuse for a human being is going to put his own anger and revenge ahead of the health of millions of Americans.

There is no principle here, no honor. We all know this is not being done out of any shred of belief. Joe Lieberman hates the Democratic party for not recognizing him as their holy, annointed leader and messiah (even though he's as much of a Democrat as Francisco Franco.) And he is determined to sabotage them to pay them back for not bowing to him in obesiance.

Has he betrayed the American people enough now? Out with him. The Deomcrats might as well make Newt Gingrich one of their leaders. It is time that this creature be taught a lesson, that there is a price to pay for this kind of behavior. If there is, Harry.


(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Yeah, I agree. Today the biggest scum is Lieberman. We'll get back to Cheney, Limbaugh, and Rodman some other day. Promise!

Green Eagle said...

I'm glad you're keeping a list.Green Eagle doesn't want to leave anyone out.