Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Wingnut Note

Some readers may have noticed that I seem to have lost interest lately in the juvenile maunderings to be found on right wing blogs. I just want to say that they have gotten so boring and repetetive lately, that there just isn't any fun in it. They seem to have run out of lies, and are just repeating the old ones over and over. Take my word for it, they are just as big a bunch of jerks as always, they are just boring jerks. No sense wasting time on that.

Now, a couple of exceptions. First, as regard to Honduras: As you may know, the military junta that is now controlling Honduras, and which has received the wholehearted support of paractically every Republican and conservative in this country, announced a week ago that it was suspending virtually all civil rights in Honduras (as military dictatorships are wont to do.)

I have watched carefully for a week, and I can now report that, of these people, who foamed at the mouth over the indignity of President Zelaya violating the constitution (allegedly) by trying to hold a referendum, not one single has said one word about the current elimination of things like freedom of the press and assembly in Honduras today. I'm calling off my Honduras watch, satisfied that the American right has now demonstrated beyond any possible contradiction, that they themselves have a strong fascist streak, and that anything is okay with them, if it leads to dictatorship.

One other issue. A couple of you may have noticed that I have pretty well stopped talking about Pam Geller, formerly one of my chief topics for ridicule. We've had our fun with this amazingly stupid woman, but in the last two months, her blog has become a platform for the most vile, incessant hatred directed toward Muslims. She has gone over the edge of decent discourse, and there is nothing interesting in this kind of contemptible, racist rhetoric. So, goodbye for now, Pammy.

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Poll P. said...

Whoah. I hadn't seen that Pammy meltdown coming. At least not in that particular direction.