Saturday, October 3, 2009

Republican Revolt

I'm getting worried about a trend that was observed by Daily Kos, in a very interesting post.

The post was motivated by Jim DeMint's recent trip to Honduras, abetted by other Republicans, to undercut our government's foreign policy; siding instead with a military dictatorship. A couple of recent events of a similar nature are mentioned: House majority whip Eric Cantor's trip to Israel for the purpose of creating bad blood between our government and Israel, and James Inhofe's announcing that he will go to the Copenhagen climate change conference to assure the world that the Republicans will prevent Obama from doing anything about global warming.

Forget the ideology for a minute. Are we witnessing signs of a calculated effort on the part of the Republican party to destroy the government's ability to function? And if so, at what point does this go beyond vicious game-playing to become open revolt and sedition, i.e. serious crimes?

With talk all over the right about secession, violent resistance, and even a military coup in our country, just how blatant does this have to become before something decisive must be done about it?

And when they succeed in driving their gun-toting ignoramus followers into the streets, what will we be able to do?

I'm not so young any more, and I have seen (and participated in) my share of antigovernment hostility. But I have never seen anything like this: People who proclaim with their every breath that only they love America, that only they are true patriots, and are yet conspiring openly to destroy everything this country is supposed to be about.

These are not ordinary times; this is not the ordinary behavior of a party in the opposition. God only knows what will come of it.


Derek said...

want to borrow my tin foil hat?

this is a restoration, not a revolution.

Green Eagle said...

That's what I think, Derek, and I have a pretty good record as a prognosticator.

We'll see.