Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just When You Thought The Guy Couldn't Sink Any Lower

From Greg Sargent at Who Runs Gov:

"Joe Lieberman May Hold Hearings On Obama’s “Czar” Problem"

Say, does anyone know if they make these in human size?


TRUTH 101 said...

You know. I'm a pro Israel guy myself. But this Lieberman pandering to republicans is just freaking sick GE. Is this guy so hard up for friends he has to make them with the likes of Ensign and Larry Craig?

Green Eagle said...


I have lived and worked in Israel, and regard myself as quite pro-Israeli. As far as I am concerned, the neocons and people like Lieberman are pursuing their own dreams of hegemony, and I do not believe that what they want is in any way in Israel's interests. Furthermore, My experience of Israeli Jews is that they are far more open to admitting what they have done wrong, and far more ready to make accommodations than the neocons are. I guess that's the difference between being in the line of fire and sitting eleven thousand miles away, and typing out mindless belligerence.

Derek said...

Turn the tables: If Bush had been creating a bunch of powerful positions that have virtually no transparency (remember that promise?), would you be crying foul?

Of course you would! You are the guy who calls Bush a lying war criminal and bashed him for making a library.

Asking for transparency or calling out Obama on breaking his promise isn't whining or wrong. Why not question? What have we to lose? It isn't policy, it is the structure of his administration.

Green Eagle said...

Bush had more "czars" than Obama did, something you must know, Derek, if you follow the news. The notion that a president has no right to have advisers of his choice would be laughable if it were not just one more specimen of the endless, mindless smears the right thinks up as its only answer to this honorable, serious man.