Saturday, October 31, 2009

Opt In

As many of you know, in an effort to make the public option palatable to the moronic blue dogs, the administration is considering a provision that is called "opt out." That means that Republican politicians in any state which has left them in charge could decide not to participate in the public plan. We here at Green Eagle are all for this provision, as it will provide us with the magnificent spectacle of Republicans telling their constituents that they can't have the same health insurance as people who elected Democrats to run their states. That should provide us all with a good deal of innocent entertainment.

However, always diligent in the study of mindless opposition, the Republicans and, well, you know who (I'm talking to you, Ben) have come up with a new idea: Opt in.

Sounds almost the same, doesn't it? Just a minor change- now state governments would just have to vote to participate instead of voting not to participate, right?

In case you haven't already figured this out for yourself, here is what it means. After waiting sixty years for a medical system that is a shadow of that enjoyed by the entire rest of the industrialized world, and after enduring eight months of tantrums, synthetic demonstrations, lies, smears, red-baiting like we haven't seen in decades, and every other miserable tactic the Republicans have, we would finally win this immense victory for the American people, only to now have to fight the very same fight against the same crooked politicians, insurance industry funded "popular" demonstrations, manipulated fools screaming about socialism, threats, lies and all of the rest of it, in every single state.

That's democracy, Republican style. Anything is fair as long as they get their way. Oops, did I say their way? I mean the way of the corporations and super rich who pay to keep them in power.

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