Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's a Plan

Michelle Bachmann:

"To hear the Democrats and most of the mainstream media you would think that Republicans are not bringing any alternatives to the health care debate. That couldn’t be further from the truth."

You're right, Michelle. The Republican health plan: "pay or die in the street."


Derek said...

Or how about getting rid of frivolous lawsuits to reduce costs of healthcare and reduce the deficit. Also, let insurance companies compete across state lines, thus providing more competition and reducing costs.

Sound like good ideas to me, and they actually can deduce the deficit at the same time instead of increasing it like Obamacare.

Green Eagle said...

"Frivolous" lawsuits are a trivial contribution to medical care costs.

Derek, you are a very well informed person. I cannot believe that you are not aware of this fact.

Why, then, do you repeat it as truth?

Grung_e_Gene said...

No it's pay and then get your coverage dropped and die. That way the Republicans can ensure the premium's paid are counted by AHIP as 100% profit.

Cardinal44 said...

How about a government run public option for both health care AND malpractice insurance?

Derek said...

"are a trivial contribution to medical care costs."

The oh so conservative (note: sarcasm) CBO said it would reduce the deficit by $54 billion. But what is $54 billion? Trivial, right?

Maybe that is why you dont mind that the Baucus bill would add $81 billion, or the House bill which would add $239 billion, or HELP which would add $600 billion.

Point is, TORT reform does more than any of the Dems' ideas. Also, allowing companies to compete across state lines would greatly reduce costs, and you know it.

"No it's pay and then get your coverage dropped and die."

You started off respectful, but you reverted back to your blathering ways. no, this isn't the republican view, quit using democratic talking points.