Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No Thanks, Olympia, I'm Not Buying It

All hail the selfless Olympia Snowe, who, after months of refusing to negotiate honestly about health care, like every other Republican, suddenly developed a conscience and (gasp!) voted against her own party to provide the supposed bipartisan cover for a health care bill.

Sorry, I don't buy it for a second. Here is what really happened: The months long Republican tantrum didn't work. They have faced up to the fact that Obama is going to succeed in passing some kind of health care bill. Their only interest now is to see that it is the weakest bill possible. So, they had Olympia Snowe vote for the miserable, bankrupt Baucus bill, a bill so weak that it is worse than no bill at all. This phony bipartisanship is the only action they can take to try to see to it that a groundswell develops behind this horrible sellout legislation.

Olympia Snowe is just playing the same old Republican game. There is simply no such thing any more as an honest Republican, and she is no exception.

Update: An excellent comment by John Aravosis at Americablog:

"The longer Democrats and the administration empower Olympia Snowe, the more she's going to yank their chain. Remember, Olympia Snowe, in the end, usually does whatever her Republican leadership tells her to do. So Obama and Reid aren't just negotiating with Snowe, they're negotiating with McConnell and all the Senate Rs who have no intent to let any health care reform pass.

At some point Democrats need to tell Olympia Snowe to take a hike. "

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