Friday, October 16, 2009

Obama- the Commie that Loves Hitler- or Something

Here's the voice of the people, all right. It's from a new favorite site of mine, Real People United, which specializes in telling "real people" what mendacity they are expected to swallow today. I thought this was a particularly good example of the kind of thinking that "real people" like this (i.e. ignorant, violent assholes) specialize in. See if you feel the same:

"Why Not Praise Hitler?"

I guess this was meant ironically, but with these guys, you just never know.

"OK, It’s true. I watch Glenn Beck...he has done a pretty good job of exposing the commie-dictator loving crowd that surrounds Obama. These are the people Obama likes because they think like him. He agrees with the principles of communism. He is a commie."

God, how 1962. "He's a Commie." Why don't they call him a Jap or a Hun? And by the way, which commie dictator does he love, anyway? I would have loved to hear that.

"If the American people were not so heavily armed I would worry a lot more about the stated admiration people in the White House seem to have for brutal, murdering, commie dictators. They say so publically without any shame and no one seems to bat an eye."

They do? Forgive me. I follow the news pretty regularly and I never heard them say "publically" that they admire brutal murdering commie dictators, or, for that matter, brutal murderers of any kind. Really, I think a couple of examples would have been in line here. Otherwise, some people might be inclined to think that people like this writer are just a bunch of lying demagogues, out to destroy their nation's elected leader so they can seize power for themselves.

"So why not just come out and say “I admire Hitler. He was a great leader and brilliant philosopher?”

Oh, I don't know, maybe because they aren't you? And by the way, it is conceivable that they might love a dictator and still not like Hitler all that much.

"The left should love Hitler. He was an inspirational leader, a political prisoner, a philosopher. He even gave up trying to take over Germany by force and convinced his followers to follow the democratic process which was how he came to power."

God, how many times do I have to point out that the claim that Hitler came to power through "the democratic process" is a total lie? And by the way, Nelson Mandela was an inspirational leader, a philosopher and a political prisoner. I guess that makes him just like Hitler, huh?

On second thought, Mr. wingnut, forget that. I don't think I want to hear your answer.

'He fixed Germany’s economy through massive public works programs. Germany hosted the Olympic games in 1936 and Hitler was Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year in 1938. I am surprised that he didn’t receive the Nobel Peace Prize."

Well, he didn't. That makes him just like George W. Bush, who is on nobody's short list for the Nobel Peace Prize either. Funny you didn't mention that similarity. And by the way, Hitler hosted the Olympics and Obama isn't going to. So, actually, that makes them different, not the same. I guess you didn't catch that complex bit of logical analysis. And by the way, just to show the difference between us, unlike you, I am not that surprised that Hitler didn't receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Just to let you know.

"Oh there was that little issue with murdering at least 6 million people and invading his neighbors and trying to take over the world and whatnot. But so what? That’s never bothered the left."

It never bothered the left that Hitler murdered six million people? I'd like to hear what evidence you base that claim on. After all, it bothered just about everyone. By the way, just to get it straight, about 50 million people died as a result of World War II, over twenty million of them "commies" in your hated Soviet Union. I guess they didn't really like Hitler that much either. Think about it.

"If only he had randomly killed 6 million people instead of targeting Jews and gays and other minorities."

Yeah, it's all their fault- the Jews and the gays and the minorities. Didn't you just know it would come down to this sooner or later? I mean, why should anyone care about six million of them?

" Too bad for poor Hitler. He could have been a cult hero to thousands of pot smoking unwashed hipped college students who would right now be running around with his picture on their dirty t-shirts and messenger bags."

Man, aren't we stuck in the sixties. Well, at least there are thousands of them. That beats your very clean but violent and hate filled teabaggers by a factor of about ten. So there, jackass. Maybe YOU love commies. Maybe YOU are just like Hitler. Na na na na na. Not me- you. La la la, I can't hear you. I've got my fingers in my ears.

Well, there you go- one more little dose of right wing political analysis at its finest. Oy vey.

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Derek said...

"I follow the news pretty regularly and I never heard them say "publically" that they admire brutal murdering commie dictators,"

Apparently you don't follow it close enough. Just watch Beck from time to time to catch up on these things.

Anita Dunn: "The third lesson and tip actually comes from two of my favorite political philosophers: Mao Zedong and Mother Theresa"

Then goes on to quote Mao. But he wasn't a dictator, nor a commie, nor a murderer (what's 100 million people?).

What RPU was probably was trying to say was that people are giving the WH a pass on saying Mao was a good guy and one of their favorite philosophers. Mao killed 7 times more people than Hitler, and was a communist, not just a socialist, so them praising Hitler would probably be less bad. Westerners simply can relate more to the Holocaust than the Great Leap Forward.