Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jim DeMint Goes on a Field Trip

No, I will not give up on the issue of right wing support for the Honduras coup. To me, it is the issue which, finally and irrefutably, unmasks the total hypocrisy and hatred of democracy which are the real values of our right wing- a significant group of people who no longer care about any of the principles that created our country, and who are ready and willing to help bring about a fascist dictatorship right here, if it benefited them personally.

Today I would like to focus on an article from Red State by Moe Lane, a frequent denizen of Wingnut Wrapup, commenting on Senator DeMint's rogue trip to Honduras to support its new military dictatorship. I'm going to quote a lot of it. If you want to see the rest, here it is.

"More like ‘DeMint *schools* Kerry over Honduras.’

* Sen. John Kerry is the Democratic point man in Foreign Relations for this administration’s messed-up Honduras policy."

Note: not a single word about what is"messed-up" about Obama's Honduras policy which, for any of you who haven't followed this story, consists of supporting a democratically elected government which was removed by a military coup and replaced by a dictatorship; a policy which is also supported by just about every other country in the world, and really, Moe, doesn't seem that "messed-up" to me.

" * Sen. Jim DeMint is the Republican determined to wreck Sen. Kerry’s day - both on this administration’s messed-up Honduras policy, and on general principles."

General principles- I wonder what they might be? The notion that the majority party has no right to govern in our country? The notion that democratic governments are better than dictatorships? The notion that the answer to losing an election is sedition?

" * This administration has a messed-up Honduras policy."

Again, not a word why. Strange, huh?

" * DeMint therefore slaps a couple of Senatorial holds on some State Department appointments until the administration stops messing up on Honduras policy."

We see now. "messing up" is a right wing term for supporting democracy.

* Kerry responds by denying DeMint the plane that he’d need to go down to Honduras and see for himself how messed up our Honduras policy is. "

This is, of course, a blatant lie. DeMint made it more than clear that his visit was to lend support to the Honduran dictatorship, not to see anything for himself. His mind was made up about Honduras long before he set foot down there. And after they suspended all civil rights last week (like any dictatorship does sooner or later) Senator DeMint didn't need to take a ten hour airplane ride to figure out whether it is "messed up" to oppose them.

"* DeMint talks to Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell.
* McConnell talks to the Pentagon."

Here follows some gratuitous, but all too predictable smearing of the war-hero Kerry, by Mr. DeMint, who was old enough to enlist in the armed forces and fight in Vietnam in 1969, but chose not to.

"* DeMint then links this mess to the State Department."

The "mess" of opposing a military dictatorship. Do you ever wonder what kind of government people like this Republican Senator might like to see over here?

"And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what one motivated Senator can do to mess up another Senator’s day."

Motivated to do what, Moe? If we need to know what one motivated person can do, we could read a book about Hitler or Mussolini. That's not the question. The question is, what are you motivated to do? Are you "motivated" to support a free government or a military dictatorship? Obama cast his vote, and now Senator DeMint and you, Moe, have cast yours.

By the way, I looked at six online biographies of Senator DeMint trying to find out whether he had served in the armed forces. Nothing, but I did find this:

"DeMint was ranked by National Journal as the most conservative United States Senator in their March, 2007 conservative/liberal rankings..."

Well, I guess we know now what "conservative" means. It means "I love me some dictatorship."


RightKlik said...
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RightKlik said...
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RightKlik said...
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RightKlik said...

Is the author of this post willfully ignorant or deliberately deceitful? Unfortunately, it appears to be the latter.

Want to know what's messed up about Obama's Honduras policy? Read this.

This is an issue on which the left and the right should be able to agree.

Jean Valjean said...

Jim De Mint should be tried for treason, as should his enablers.

Green Eagle said...

Dear Mr. RightKlik,

I am always pleased to entertain different views on my blog, and am particularly touched that it apparently took you four tries to carefully choose the right words to describe me (that would be "ignorant" and "deliberately deceitful".)

Excuse me for taking so long to reply to you. I felt I had to go eat dinner first, so I could muster enough energy to provide the reply that your thoughtful comments deserve and, here in Hawaii, no one moves that fast.

You raise such an interesting issue in your comment that I think it deserves a post of its own. So please go back to my blog and read it. I am looking forward to hearing what you think.