Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Second Amendment Saga

This is the story of one Melanie Hain, patriot and second amendment champion, from Lebanon, PA. The quotes are from

"Meleanie Hain was thrust into the national spotlight when she took a gun, in plain view and holstered on her hip, to a soccer game Sept. 11, 2008, at Optimist Park in Lebanon.

Her permit to carry a gun was revoked by Lebanon County Sheriff Michael DeLeo on Sept. 20, 2008. DeLeo said Hain showed poor judgment in wearing her gun to the game.

Hain’s permit was reinstated by Lebanon County Judge Robert Eby on Oct. 14, 2008, but the judge asked her to conceal it when she goes to soccer games. Hain said she would continue to carry it openly under the Second Amendment.

Hain then filed a lawsuit against DeLeo for $1 million in U.S. Middle District Court...

"She has been stigmatized unfairly," her attorney, Matthew Weisberg said at the time."

And the punch line?

"Meleanie Hain, the pistol-carrying Lebanon mom who received national attention for taking a loaded gun to her daughter’s soccer game, was shot to death Wednesday night with her husband in an apparent murder-suicide, police said.

The couple’s three children were home at the time and were not injured, and are staying with relatives and friends, police said."

Forgive me for getting a good laugh out of this story, and sorry if my callousness offends you. It's a tragedy for the children, but you know the saying- it goes something like this: "live by the gun, die by the gun."

Literally, in this case.


Derek said...

I wonder if Melanie or her husband was the shooter.

I wonder if people are going to try to use this case as a reason for gun control even though it has been proven that gun control increases crime while allowing guns reduces it.

But what is the point of using facts in an argument? Let us use only pathos!

Green Eagle said...

The police are being pretty quiet about this, but I saw in one account that a neighbor said one of the kids came running from the house shouting "daddy shot mommy."

Leaving general issues aside, because this is, after all, an individual case, it is clear that this woman and her husband were hardly what one would call responsible gun owners, and they are certainly not going to end up being poster children for the NRA.