Sunday, October 11, 2009

I was so inspired by something quoted by Capt. Fogg at Swash Zone (in an excellent post) that I could not help providing an illustrated version of the quote. The remark is an analysis of the difference between Europe and Real America:

"So what we have here are two worlds. One, without God and controlled by thoughts of evolution, is a spectacularly dreary, unhappy place without love or meaning.

On the other hand, even a fictional God brings the world meaning, joy, liberty, and wonder."

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Derek said...



Anyone can do this, there are crappy looking places all over the world.

It is true that if you are a complete naturalist, you can't believe in choice, love, or happiness. Everything is predetermined. Also, if you are a naturalist you most certainly must believe in an eternal universe (or some crackpot theory like brane theory), and if you believe in an eternal universe, then everything that could possibly happen has happened. Not only that, but they have occurred an infinite number of times. Welcome to the crackpot belief of atheism.